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  1. Hi everybody. In my last post I had some very critical things to say about our performances over the past season. To some degree the performance on Saturday showed that we can do all the things that we should do on the football pitch. We got stuck in as a team and played as if there was meaning and purpose, and that our intentions were to give MC a game; we convinced them that we cared!The team proved that they can compete. Thus! there are no excuses for the team not to perform in the coming games. Leroy Fer said in an interview with an EDP member that He did not like the pressure of having to compete in must win situations, that it is too demanding to have to go on the pitch with so much pressure in every game.  I thought that pressure is what sport is all  about.  I remember Worthington saying that one had to earn the right to play.At the time many posters on these forums used to say that Worthy was talking rubbish.  He was so right, IMO if you put in the effort then the results will follow and the payment is success.  The old cliche is to get something out the team have to put the work in.  Even the most technically gifted player ; if he he is honest has to get stuck in to get the rewards of success. Every game should count, be it in practice, in the league , in the cup or against so called poor opposition. Many on these forums used to say it did''nt matter to loose pre-season matches. Believe you me there is only one thing that matters in sport and that is winning ,be that ugly or otherwise.  Our boys have to be aware of that point alone to be successful. OTBCBest wishes Beelsie
  2. I watched last night the marathon cup game between Fulham and Sheffield United.  I was so pleased to see that Nigel Clough has been able to bring to his new side some of the magic that was once a characteristic  of his dads good Nottingham Forest sides. For one there was a team spirit that made Sheffield look for the ball as if they wanted it; the off the ball running, the defence playing and keeping their shape. The whole team moving as a unit, up and down the field like a well prepared army, each knowing what their jobs and duties were.  It was not the frantic gallop that I have witnessed with our Norwich sides of late.I am sure that the Sheffield side would not freely capitulate against the big boys of the Premiership. in the way that our boys have done too often; is there no longer any real pride in our team members?  Do they not want to make the big boys feel that on winning, they had at least had been in a real match. I no longer wish to hear that the big sides are packed with quality ETC ETC.I want to know that our boys can compete at all levels and that they are capable of wanting to do so! We are so predictable, and the lack of sensible off the ball running. Plus nauseating sideways and backward passing , so done because of our witless off  the ball running is not allowing an attacking alternative for the man on the ball. Yes the Sheffield side made Fulham look ordinary, and Fulham reminds me of us in an impersonation of a ship without a rudder. In fact like us. Also what happened to an occasional accurate long ball down the wing. For someone to take the opposition by surprise and move a ball into the centre for our starved strikers to run on to. What happened to accuracy and spot on delivery while on the run like Matthews used to do when playing for Stoke.  Also we seem unable to cross when playing from dead ball situations. I would expect any player to be able to kick a dead ball with accuracy.  We seem to take so long to get from defence to the final quarter of the opposition''s half, it''s no wonder our strikers have difficulty getting a clear strike at goal. we seem to need a few more early balls, and eager recipients in places to receive them. All I ask is that we play like a team ,instead of a rabble. OTBC from Beelsie
  3. Reading the EDP today; Snodgrass remarks regarding player would-be intentions for the following games of the season, they maybe just hot air or well meant, if carried out to a degree where the difference shows on the pitch.  I watched the game and like so many other observers can point to many improvements that may need addressing, a warning sign of how a player’s attitude may be counter productive when playing the game.  Four seasons ago in Worthingtons’ time he often said players must 0earn by hard, work the right to play.  This means to be ready to be in the faces of the opposition.  One aspect is the off ball running; that is, not looking for space and being available to the ball player so he has some options may be two for his delivery. There are too many times when the ability to read the oppositions stance when he is making his delivery to a team mate if read correctly one can often be at the point of destination as the ball arrives at the opposition players foot or head.  This leads to stopping the opposition from being so effective.  We at these last few games are too much on the back foot. At present I feel we are not hungry enough. OTB City, and Best New Years wishes to all
  4. Hi Jim, your input was good, much better in fact than our teams performance Saturday. we were unlucky as you say,  lack of drive in the defence in my opinion was the cause also we gave away too much space. Liverpool needed our defence to be in their faces from the start. We were at home and should have meant business from the start. Some on the forum say that there may be unrest in the dressing room, and the players are not liking the method of play that is introduced. If this is so then there needs  to be some straight talking from the management to the team before the match and on the training ground, thats where these errors should be worked on. Best wishes Beelsie
  5. Hi Norfolk Mustard, yes Paul was quite a tallented footballer and you say he is on his way up, that may be so, but, for in my honest opinion  he would deserve much more credit if he practiced his English speaking tallents to the point where all the listeners could easily understand what he is on about without the need for an interpretor. thanks again beelsie.
  6. Thanks a lot for your responce and your views chaps, the info about streaming, has never occured to me even though I have used the regular internet for years, perhaps I can get my head round it.  I can understand that commentators do get excited. But if they were war correspondents, in the front line they would be professional enough to conduct themselves verbally well enough to explain graphically enough to give the listeners logical information so that perhaps while in the comfort of ones home they too could also become excited at the moment of triumph or what ever may be happening.  any way thanks for your input. cheers Beelsie
  7. I, being unable, by nature of my finances to pay for Sky sport, have no choice but to listen to the poor reporting during and on match day, by the Radio Norfolk commentators. I am afraid the gentleman who has taken over from our Roy Waller used do to so well; gets over excited to a point where he tries to puts too many of his own personal thoughts into his commentary that the listener (me) looses amongst the verbals, what has happened. Such as who was it who scored, or did he nearly score, or was it an attempt that got diverted, and was it a molehill in the way.  Let''s for goodness sake have a factual commentary with good diction and gaps between the words. Oh, and perhaps our dear Irish ex canary could loose a great deal of his Irish brogue when giving his opinion, if that is what he is doing.  More BBC style all round please.  Beelsie OTBC!!
  8. Hi YC since I last came on the board many things have happened,  namely the wonderful way the team under the Lambert regime responded and indeed gave it their all through three wonderful seasons and started to fight for a winning formula that has been successful, there was no more shrinking into their shells in the six yard box, It has been long since we saw three and four city players in the box looking for a strike, and long may it continue. Its been  two years since I had a stroke, only what is medically termed a TIA. It affected my vision and hand and eye co-ordination.  The old brain had great difficulty stringing two sentences together, plus I would loose the thread and have to go back over the correspondance.  It seems now that I can enjoy the banter of the forums once again.  Also YC I still find Wiz a pain, I would like to thank those of you who have welcomed and invited me back.Best wishes Beelsie
  9. Hi,YC, a very good post for the forum to get their teeth into. The whole message if taken to the limit is to be welcomed by all business minded people, as far back as 93 we were saying that clubs should be run in a business like manner. Perhaps the financial situation that we as a country now face has helped the money wasters come to their senses. Norwich city with it''s currant ground capacity is not a huge money spinner and the gate sizes are not adequate, but sensible management has prevailed and the club is fairly stable. It would be nice to see our ground able to take 40,000. If the prospects of that happening become reality and we remain in the top league, we should be a very good top half outfit, and with a great deal of luck and a favourable wind it will be a loud "on the ball city" for the future. Beelsie!!
  10. Well Paul,  the attitude that you mention seemed to stem from four seasons back, as Fulham took the game to us they seemed unstoppable.  We were, to coin a phrase dithering about and did not seem to be able to control the mid field, as was the case in the period  mentioned previously.  Thankfully we seem to have the Paul Lambert spirit back in abundance, and long may it continue.  I personally  was surprised to see the lack of spirit shown in the Fulham game .  I am sure however, that  Houghton in his after match interviews has said that the Fulham result was uacceptable, the message has well and truly been recieved and understood. On th ball city!
  11. Hi Lappin it up, Just a quick thank''s for your assistance with YC''s  info I''m much abliged. Beelsie
  12. YC!  your Email has been deleted by my mail guard, So would you be good enough to resend the mail when it will recieve much better treatment.  I have also asked Peter Raven if he will contact you if you do not see this communication. Best wishes beelsie, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. I must say thanks for the kind remarks that have been made about my reply.  It was so nice for me to see the enthusiasm that has been shown by Grant Holt, and the infectious repitition of that whole hearted effort carried throughout the existing team members.  He has managed to inspire me; and at my age that''s certainly saying something!!  Best wishes to all
  14. Big Bad John, I do not now indulge in Forums, or originate as many letters as I used to.  Your contribution however deserved my attention, It gave me great pleasure to see someone write, along with Rude, real comments on characteristics that really matter in football today and I would agree that  Grant Holt has them all in abundance.  The most important is his contribution as a leader of the team, and the way he has the respect of the team members.  This type of leadership has been missing for three seasons now and many posts up to the start of this Lambert management have indeed mentioned the lack of a respected leader on the field.  I do hope when we move back to the Championship Grant Holt and his gang go up together as a whole team, to at least see how they perform at a higher level.  Huckerby was mentioned as an Impact man, yes that was so but he was more of an individual and a crowd pleaser, and was indeed exciting to watch when he was at his best.  For me Grant Holt is more of a galvaniser of team effort and therefore brings in the best way, the effort we now can see of collectivety among a group of happy and consentrating team players. Yes Rude and B.B.J.  Well Said and best wishes. OTBC>
  15. Tactically Inept Bob, you are having a laugh , especially when he managed the team that beat us 7-1
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