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Tony Andreu........

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Should never have been purchased by the club, showed the inexperience of AN.

I wish him well and believe Coventry will do well with him in the team at that level!

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Thanks then Tony Andreu

Came to Norwich but never had much to do

Now he''s been sent to Coventry

Presumably Hamilton didn''t offer a warranty

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"I think us getting promoted straight away was the end of his career here."

Spot on.

Although I only really saw him play in a couple of televised games (Rotherham?) I don''t think he was that bad a player. He actually looked quite decent.

He was never really in contention for a starting place for us though as he was easily eclipsed by his various rivals in the squad.

Neither do I blame AN for signing him. He was the stand-out player at Hamilton and despite the various theories behind his acquisition, it could well have come off.

In fact it does seem that the much-maligned Neil transfer activity might not have been that much of a disaster after all. Naismith seems re-incarnated and might well turn out to be the influence we have been expecting from day one (and the manager was responsible for neither his contract nor his wages,) Pinto is a crowd favourite for obvious reasons and now Windshutt is beginning to show his worth, whilst most seem to be anticipating Timm Klose''s return with high hopes despite last season''s moderate display or two. Pritchard is Pritchard.

We also acquired a sparkling array of youngsters in the time he was at the helm (confused here about the demarcation with Adams''s time eg. Godfrey, Thompson, Adams.)

The fact that he seemed clueless about the best way to use them doesn''t detract from the fact that Wee Alex did quite well in the market after all.

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