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  1. 70% possession - 14 shots - 2 on target. 0-0 written all over this match!! It''s Burton!
  2. [quote user="GJP"]I don''t think I''ll ever hope for one of our players to be injured. When he plays like he did today there are very few defenders who are going to cope with Adama.[/quote] I didn''t mean for our player to be injured I was talking about Adama!! It was a tongue in cheek comment too.
  3. Just seen Traore play for Boro tonight and his pace is frightening! He would turn Husband inside out. Sorry to say but hope he''s injured when we play them!
  4. So why no Reed today? Is he carrying a knock!? How did Trybull rate over Reed? Just curious as I wasn''t there today. Thanks
  5. Mulumbu and Bassong might be on their way to Harry''s new look Birmingham!
  6. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]Assuming no injury concerns my team for the Birmingham home game is, Gunn Pinto, Hadley, Klose, Stiepermann Reed, Tettey, Murphy, Maddison, Hoolahan Oliveira Subs McGovern, Martin, Franke, Husband, Windschut, Watkins, Jerome[/quote] Call me old school but with Harry liking 442 I think we should match them and go back to basics. Sure up the defence and midfield and put two up top. I''m not saying do this 442 formation weekly but after our start and the amount of players we have brought in, a stable formation may help for a time. It is difficult - does Farke continue with his formation and style of play or adjust. Conte had to adjust at the beginning of his rein at Chelsea before changing to the 3 at the back. Brum have brought a lot in so we have a good chance as we should be a little more settled and stronger with Hanley at the back....I hope.
  7. I wonder how much we spent on transfers for the U23 team compared to what was spent on the Senior team? Not sure how much players like Fonkou and Adams for example cost. I am hoping Hanley works out and he becomes a club legend at the back - we need him to be. On the ball city
  8. Did Farke say that Klose is nearing full fitness and will play along side Hanley.....or words of that effect. No one will leave but we might see at striker! Hope so anyway! If not, we will get one in Jan when we realise we did need one to backup or go in front of NO and CJ. In Farke we trust........yeah/nay?
  9. So are we going to have to stick or twist with Husband? Will Farke use Stiepperman or stick with Husband even if he''s not performing? I get it still early but Husband has been real poor.
  10. Is this bloke our answer? Is he Premiership/Championship standard? Or is he just another risk player ''or'' because we may have been linked with him, people think he''s our saviour!! I am sceptical! I would like to see a striker linked to us to support NO or CJ esp if they get injured. Think we will see someone leave and maybe two in!!
  11. Surely got to start in front of Husband next match? Then when the other LBs are fit, I can see Husband dropping down the pecking order........well we can hope! People says he needs time but how many games does he need!! He has been woeful all season. You could say he hasn''t had much midfield cover due to the way we set up but even so, he''s not been good. Apparently he said he loves powering forward, I have to disagree. He gets the ball and may run 3/4 steps and then stops and passes back or sideways.
  12. [quote user="JF"]I would take selling him if it meant we could get in some championship quality defenders[/quote] Agree, we could probably buy a decent striker too if we sell him for at least 10 mil
  13. I''m sure there is a gem of a striker in their 4 of German football!!!! Sarcasm! It''s been a bad day - negativity is pouring out of me. I really thought we would beat Millwall today. Be good to keep NO but the Board my see £ signs and think we could cope without him!!!
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