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  1. Not the most inspiring but, most successful crosses last season. Might suit Jerome. Still not happy with today as a whole.
  2. Moose from Talksport has said he has promised the player coming in he won''t say who it is until club have made it public
  3. Moose seems to think there is still news to come. Here''s hoping
  4. Unfortunately its a 1981 Austin Metro from ebay
  5. Still Time for an announcement so I''ll reserve judgement until then. If we haven''t made at least one more signing then I agree that it is looking bleak.
  6. We''ve put in a £8m bid for Dwight Gayle. Could be a good bit of business.
  7. The last time I played at carrow road I was in goal for 45 minutes and conceded no goals. John Ruddy in his last game at carrow road conceded 2 goals over ninety minutes. Does this mean that I am better than him and city should sign me up?
  8. Too simplistic, even Football Manager isn''t that bad. How about tackles made, clearances, or even passion played with. Bassong would have a zero rating for the latter.
  9. Probably had more to do with his legal claim against Cardiff than mot wanting the job. Now that''s sorted expect announcement in next 24 hours.
  10. Some may call him the messiah but he has more in common with another from the last supper selling out for thirty pieces of silver
  11. Seems that the deal is done. I had really expected McNally to push for Lennon by, that shows what I know. Will be interesting to see what players reaction will be and who will want to stay and who won''t once Malky has met with them.
  12. They are probably trying to spell it correctly but, typing while molesting your sister must make it too difficult.
  13. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"][quote user="breadman"]It will be Lennon, agreeing compo with celtic has just taken a bit longer than DM expected[/quote] Charlie Wyett seems fairly certain it''s not Lennon, but just out of interest, does anyone know what Lennon''s contract situation is at Celtic? [/quote] Lennon is on a one year rolling contract and as such permission for an approach must be sought first.
  14. It will be Lennon, agreeing compo with celtic has just taken a bit longer than DM expected
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