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  1. I''d certainly start with Jerome. Thought he did really well against Ipswich. Grabban to come on later. I''d also start Redmond...basically same team that played against Ipswich......?
  2. I believe the Sekforde Arms is where the Capital Canaries will start. I''ll certainly be in there. Look forward to seeing you all!
  3. All good comments. I said something similar in another thread. Different managers......same sort of results. Really need to look at the players who are hungry and I''m afraid, a clear out is needed. Maybe we should try some of the younger players? Let''s look at the lower leagues, players who really want it! All we ask for as fans, is for the players to give 100%. When you''re not getting that, the tracking back, the "I''ll bust a gut to help my colleagues" you know something is wrong.
  4. Gutted about result....and here we are again dissecting the performance and tactics. Is it now time to get rid of players, who it seems talk a great game, but fail on a match day? Thoughts...who stays, who goes?
  5. Got to agree with Ricardo. It''s got to be more than simply Adams? Look at Ipswich and when we got promotion.....hungry players. Seen other threads and this one about the hunger of the players. To have no shots on goal is shocking. Maybe a clear out with players and manager is something to seriously look at?
  6. Boss Drum, you really should change your name to "talking boll@cks".
  7. Well said Flecky76. I only occasionally post. I do read the board every day and I''m amazed at some of the cr@p that gets said. Adams needs time.....but if we keep losing, I''m afraid he''ll be out. It''s just how long we give him? Just need that first win on Saturday and we''ll all feel better! OTBC
  8. Gotta agree with T. I look and read some of the comments on here and do wonder why people bother with certain comments. Seems some just like a good moan no matter what situation NCFC find themselves in!
  9. Can we all try and get behind the new manager and team? Nothing will change the boards thinking. Everyone''s opinions count, but lets move forward and support! Listen, I was underwhelmed when Adams was appointed, but having had time to think and digest the news, I''m actually excited about the new season. Very telling what Bowkett said about tactics and I see Adams bring able to change tactics when needed. He knows what is need in terms of playing style, players to keep and get rid off. He''ll have my support until there comes a time when I think the team is not winning and playing well. At that stage I won''t need "we told you so" type comments. Some people I swear seem to simply take pleasure in seeing NCFC suffer, so they can bleat about how right they were! Come on, lets all stick together and give the guy a chance?
  10. Bethnal, you could be right....but nothing stopping Norwich approaching him and gaining his thoughts. The delay from Norwich, to say "within a week" for an announcement fits in with his leaving Brighton......
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