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  1. A success would have been top 10, pushing for European football\ next season like Sheffield United (who finished below us last year). Failing that I would have taken 17 on 36 points and begrudgingly called it acceptable. Finishing bottom of the league with 21 points, having lost our last 11 games is not a success. Mind you, those that have bought into the deadliness of COVID-19 will probably be convinced that this qualifies as a success. But then they are easily influenced.
  2. That seems to be a fairly racist and misogynistic comment. Did you vote for Boris?
  3. TBH I would have though that espouse would have been more confusing than associating.
  4. If you're unsure of the definition of a word I would try using a search engine.
  5. Sadly after the furloughing of staff and taking Tory money to keep us afloat I'm considering no longer associating with the club. It seems completely opposed to the socialist ideals of being self financed that I espouse. I think I'm going to start following Neman Grodno. Same colours but they haven't relied on a government bailout.
  6. The left wing not being able to resonate with the majority of the people that have traditionally voted for them. Instead they have championed identity politics and it turned round and bit them in the ****.
  7. https://blog.christopherburg.com/tag/1984-was-a-warning-not-a-blueprint/
  8. I didn't say any of what you've inferred I did, I said you should read the Gospels yourself. Don't rely on what others tell you as that's third hand information you're giving. It would never stand up in a court of law.
  9. I've got to say, I was shocked that Boris recovered from his bout of Corona. I never expected it. I thought that the Prime Minister would be a gonna when the media reported that he had tested positive. Thank goodness he survived. #nohiddenagenda
  10. You should read the gospels for yourself, rather than giving third hand advice to others.
  11. If the season is cancelled they should be furloughed and like everyone else receive 80% of their wages up to £25,000 a year. #we'reallinthistogether
  12. I hate to be a grammar n*zi, but I can't support any idea founded by someone who doesn't know the difference between her's and here is.
  13. In other news, people might be twice as stupid as previously thought.
  14. About an hour ago I saw two guys driving around in my neighbourhood for no apparent reason. They were driving a BMW with flourecent livery on the side. Someone should lock them up for breaking the curfew.
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