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  1. Good luck all Serbian Women`s League and an away win ZFK Sloga Zemun v ZFK Spartak Subotika @1.055 City game and a yellow card double down Traore`s side for Cantwell & Lewis @26.0
  2. Molly Windley

    Barcelona, WTF

    It`s their league, they can set their own rules, do not see a problem with it. He cannot play in any UEFA competition "The rules allowing Barcelona to sign the 28-year-old stipulated the player they brought in must be a free agent or already playing in Spain and that they can not play in Uefa competition."
  3. Had a second look at the legislation because it says "Immigration" whereas most footballers are employed on fixed term contracts and are not immigrants seeking UK citizenship, A Tier 2 UK Employer Visa Sponsorship would from my reading cover the employment of an overseas footballer. I would also say that in the defence of football it is one of the very very few industries left in the UK that does operate and fund a comprehensive and industry wide apprenticeship scheme.
  4. Currently "Foreigners" who are not EU citizens need to apply for a work permit to join UK clubs, "foreigners" from EU countries do not English football clubs must have a certain number of UK players which limits the number of "foreigners" in a squad Missed the thread on here railing against the inequalities of the current situation
  5. Molly Windley

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    Has your account been hacked LDC?
  6. I was looking at our form earlier today.. We have played 16 games since the awful performance against Watford and with the exception of Man Utd away have not lost by more than 1 goal. Too many close but no prize results
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    Me too.Heil Hitler................Klop
  8. Good luck everyone Icelandic Women`s Cup and a home win For Breidablik W v Selfoss W @ 1.10 City game and an outsiders bet of 0-0 @22.0
  9. Good luck all PAOK Salonika OFI Crete home win Luton/Cardiff BTTS
  10. Molly Windley

    So what do we do now ?

    Try some poetry The sand of the desert is sodden red, - Red with the wreck of a square that broke; - The Gatling's jammed and the colonel dead, And the regiment blind with dust and smoke. The river of death has brimmed his banks, And England's far, and Honour a name, But the voice of schoolboy rallies the ranks, "Play up! play up! and play the game!"
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    If FIFA or UEFA tried to get involved then we would see a breakaway from the top clubs in Europe and they would suck all the revenues in. The governing bodies would be powerless to stop it and the clubs would form their own European Premier League with its own governing body. If player A gets paid £5K, £20K or £100K a week it bothers me not at all, good luck to them.
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    That is the major difference between the oft lauded NFL player cap situation and the EPL. The NFL player has nowhere else to go
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    A quick Google search comes up with some tax stats for the EPL 2016/7 season. Perhaps more recent seasons are available but the 2016/7 season will do for asking this question. The EPL paid £3.3 billion in all taxes combined for that year with the contribution from tax on players earnings being £1.1 billion If players wages are capped, then what would be the effect on the tax take, would it go up or down?
  14. Brilliant wins last week, fingers crossed for this weeks pickers Southern League Central and a home win for AFC Rushden and Diamonds v Redditch @1.1 Sam Byram anytime scorer @15.0 and Cantwell booking @7.50 singles or @112.5 the double
  15. Molly Windley

    A true account of the holocaust.

    No comment, just a thank you for your post KIO.
  16. Molly Windley

    Jamal to Palace?

    Might be something in it, Van Aanholt their only recognised left back who has been out injured (now back I think) is heavily linked with a move to PSV
  17. Molly Windley

    Norwich vs Burnley (FA Cup) Match Thread

    This site rarely lets me down, currently working https://live.soccerstream.me/burnley-vs-norwich-city-live/stream-1
  18. Fantastic win last week, good luck to this weeks pickers Kathy and GregT Home win for PAOK vs Volos Let`s back Drmic for 2 or more goals @21.0
  19. Good luck all, we are due some Serie B and a home win for Benevento vs Pisa @1.33 Booking for Krul and goal for Byram, both are odds around @12.0
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  21. Molly Windley

    Are you ready !

    Some say "Give them bread and circuses" whilst others say "We are living in the ashes of civilisation"
  22. Could not see the game anywhere except Bet365 so had a bet to save it. Had to make it a treble to increase the odds so they would accept my stake. Not sure what I will spend the winnings on, no begging letters please
  23. Not our day all round, draw a line under it and move on
  24. Big thanks to PUPanon who very generously sponsors the City bet every week. Odds are too low to back against us in any way so fingers crossed we at least score to have a chance of bets winning. Young Idah is all in the news and PUP`s tips so I have gone Idah heavy As an aside, did look at Man U scorers and Jess Lingard is @4.60 to score anytime, guy has not scored for a year, bookies are crooks! PUPanon £1 Draw & £2 Defeat Away wins 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3 5 x 50p each Draw £2 Tettey & Byram both carded £1 Emi Score anytime and a booking 50p Idah to score anytime in a W/D/L 3 x £1 Idah to score 2 or more £1