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  1. Anywhere with a captive audience charges higher prices for food and drink. In just about every case, and certainly at Carrow Road, it is possible to eat and drink more cheaply close to the ground if you choose to do so, or bring food with you. Personally I frequently eat or drink in the viciniy of the ground, sometimes I go somehwere nearby to get food or a drink and occasionally I think I buy in the ground. If I do the latter I know it will be more expensive but that''s my choice. RB
  2. [quote user="Norwich4life"]Do you think the Board by appointing an ex binner manager into our club is sticking 2 fingers up to the fans. Ie we don''t care what we think. There is no other explanation[/quote] I think you were too busy creating new accounts on here when they called to ask your opinion Waveney. RB
  3. [quote user="Bury Green"]My old man has just chipped in with a name that few of the more seasoned supporters might recall with great dread Paul Cheesley, very ''Sutch'' I gather?[/quote] No- this is simply wrong. He actually played very well in his relatively few games for us and many were sad to see him leave. A strong presence who went on to do well at Bristol City I seem to recall. RB
  4. If this proved to be true then I would be delighted. A man with management experience. a strong believer in fitness and hard work, knows Adams well, has worked under some good managers as a player, and the fact that he always gave his absolute all for our Club is just an added bonus. RB
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Much has been made of the TD appointment and yet nothing much has been said about Adams assistant or first team coach. Back when Dave Stringer was promoted is right hand man Williams was also promoted from within. David Williams was responsible for some of the best football I''ve ever seen from us. Can Mark Robson step up and be successful or will we be bringing someone in?[/quote] Yes David Williams was a fantastic coach (and a great player for us too). Many supporters seem to favour the external candidates but I would not be disappointed if it was an internal appointment. Having said that I feel that had Robson been the choice then he would have been announced with NA. RB
  6. But UC I''ve heard that Pat has delivered in his previous role and has said that he''s interested in the post. RB
  7. He''s planning to open a casino under the City Stand apparently. I''d put money on it. RB
  8. [quote user="InchY"]But will Adams still have the balls to reply"are you stupid" ;-)[/quote] It is certainly tempting to respond to a large proportion of posts on this board with that very phrase! Robert Brompton
  9. Top 6 with the white flag waving surrender monkeys strangely silent on this board.To be fair the former is far more likely to happen than the latter! Robert Brompton
  10. One element of the relationship between the fans and the club that concerns me greatly is when I hear the CEO and Board members constantly spouting rubbish about "the best fans in the world". This is quite clearly hyperbole and really does not stand up to any kind of reasonable scrutiny. I am not knocking our supporters at all but to somehow place them on a pedestal, and indeed to talk of them as if they have a collective voice or view is, in my opinion, unhelpful. I say this because I am concerned that the CEO and Board seem to be constantly trying to assess the view of the fans and wanting to act in accordance with them rather than going for what they believe is the best option for the Club and dealing with whatever fall-out there is if significant numbers of fans disagree with them. For example, had there been dissent from supporters on the scale seen at the WBA game much earlier in the season I suspect that they would have acted to dismiss Hughton then. Equally, I suspect that had the WBA game only seen a few boos and not the mass turning that we witnessed then Hughton would not have been sacked at that time. If I am right then there is a problem of leadership at the Club. My hope in all this is that the shock of relegation has actually strengthened McNally''s position and that he is being given greater executive powers rather than finding himself held back by the more conservative and cautious majority shareholders. I do wonder if the structural changes that he referred to in his Radio Norfolk interview also extended to a strengthening of his role and power base. I want greater and stronger leadership from the Club. I want a structure, management and team that delivers us back to the Premier League as soon as possible, ideally next season. I hope that the Club is strong enough to appoint personnel best suited to achieve that regardless of their supposed popularity with fans, style of football or indeed suitability for the longer term. If we have a 12 month project and another management change at the end of next season I, for one, do not care as long as we get promoted. Sorry for the meandering thoughts! Robert Brompton
  11. It is interesting to see some people demanding apologies, recriminations and the public apportioning of blame in the wake of our relegation. I have no interest in hearing how sorry anyone at the club is or any public confessional. All I am interested in no is hearing exactly what the club is going to do to ensure that our return to the Championship is as short as possible. I want to hear what personnel and what resources are going to be mobilised and what the strategy is to give us the greatest possible chance of a rapid return to the Premier League. I also want to know who is and isn''t fully committed to seeing that strategy successfully implemented and how anyone who isn''t committed will be exiting the club with the maximum financial return or minimum cost, whichever is most appropriate. Finger pointing, blaming and endless hand wringing and teeth gnashing is a luxury that only some fans can afford. The club, however, must be ruthlessly hard nosed in focussing on achieving the one outcome that matters - promotion next season. The failure to show a collective drive and focussed ruthlessness this season has ended with dismal failure. It must never happen again. I do not expect to hear anything on these matters from the club until after the game on Sunday but the clearest of communications followed by concerted action should be evident in the next 10 days. If it is not then I would start to be concerned. Robert Brompton
  12. I will continue with my season ticket and be at most away matches too. The midweek games can be more of a problem and there will be more of those in the Championship. I am aware of at least two other season ticket holders here in Devon. Its roughly a 800 mile round trip to home games but when you love the club its just what you do. Sad that Yeovil have been relegated as that was a nice 80 mile round trip. I hate watching on streams (I have only done it very rarely as I am usually at the game) as you do not get the real sense of things. So I won''t miss the streams or the pathetic lack of knowledge of TV pundits on MOTD etc. Also the Football League show is on nice and late so I can get home in time for it to start from pretty much any ground we play at including home games (a 7 hour drive so its usually midnight when I get home from a home game). Robert Brompton
  13. [quote user="Herman "]Here you go Robert. @Sparky46153529. Warning. It''s just as shit as on here.[/quote] Many thanks Herman. Amazing to see he has 1 follower - that seems a lot too many! Robert Brompton
  14. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]I am coming round to the idea of Nigel worthington[/quote] Maybe you could start a Twitter campaign?
  15. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]I have called it bang on all season![/quote] Troll shouts "Look at me, look at me" shocker!
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