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  1. Evening all as you can see by my username I don''t post on here often. However I do read here mostly daily. But all the squabbling and bickering on this forum has to stop, it''s getting so pointless and the sarcasm is total stupid at times. It just turns away potential new posters and other people that may have something interesting to say. I know this happens on other forums but it seems to be the same old group of keyboard warriors that wait daily to reply to someone just so they can shoot them down. And as for people being called binners or outcasts because their view isn''t met by someone else is pathetic
  2. Evening all, frustrated with today''s point in that I felt we could of had more if we had got the ball down more and used it. One of the questions is is that, is the main frustration on here the lack of money we have spent? Or the numbers we''ve brought in? Or I think a factor for me is the contacts, I still believe we are lacking in that department. I don''t for one second believe that no strikers want to come here, it''s a fantastic club. Lovely county. But somethings not happening to just get a deal over the line. I''m pleased we''ve got canos and Pritchard. But something is clearly missing for that forward we have needed ever since Alex has been here. Maybe it''s the board being tight, maybe it''s a lack of contacts and belief in the manager from and incoming forward''s part.
  3. Yea all good points. Will be tough to see us go down (if we do) as I genuinely believe had we strengthened in the summer we would probably would be mid table. But there''s one or two new young signings we''ve made that hopefully will be exciting.
  4. I partly agree Fenway, they have done the job for us before but they aren''t getting any better and the standard of the championship I would say is, there has to be a time when you say actually they have had a fair run. But in contrast to that I do agree with morty also on the money. With the fact we don''t have enough to turn it all over and start fresh
  5. Afternoon all, Thoughts the same as many on here with what could/should have been done about our season, (signings we needed in the summer and the fact Alex Neil has changed his approach since we''ve been promoted have all been frustrating. I''m not saying the seasons over until it''s over but it''s difficult to see where we get the results we need. My question is what is the real underline concern? For me regardless of what league we are in next year we have a lot of dead wood so to speak. Players like bassong, whits, martin. I''d say that Jarvis and mulumbu are in there. Even ruddy. We will need a lot of rebuilding in either league. Mbokani won''t be here same as bamford so we are left with jerome. if we were to be relegated it wouldn''t be the end of the world, infact it may be the time to rebuild and try something new, especially with the younger players we''ve signed.
  6. IMO Shane long suits that role perfectly. But highly doubt we could get him here
  7. As another dimension to add with grabban banned? Not sure if he could/would. Just a thought
  8. Evening. I think Brentford and the scum are in similar situations. Both over achieving. But really only have a starting 11, should either sell or get the usual injuries I see both falling from top six. However I belive we should be aiming top 2 until it''s mathmatically impossible. I belive we will do it.
  9. I think his was seperate slightly as hasn''t had as much game time as the rest of late
  10. Hi all, Really though we showed something positive yesterday higher quality of play and raised tempo. Moving the ball forwards constructively when we could, point is in the second half the teams level and intensity dropped quite quick, I don''t think we are used to playing like this just yet. Few more weeks training with AN and we should be there with that and not switching off. I look forward to more games like that. YELLOWS
  11. Sarcasm always welcome. i love his football
  12. I think he would be worth the money. (Albeit if possible) Won''t get carried away, I expect phelan to be the one
  13. Sorry not unemployed but not in a great job.
  14. Why wouldn''t he come here? I understand its a big ask but he''s unemployed and could potentionaly have a promotion on his cv and be back in the premier league next season
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