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  1. I have been one of BJs biggest critics, a few more shifts like that and I will happily eat my words. Well done that man.
  2. PS I dont have an issue with the military, I just dont feel its healthy to hero worship ALL soldiers or lionise the forces either.
  3. People arent paid by the social value of their work they are paid by its market value.Personally I dont see what is special about soldiers, I would substitute Fireman or Nurses for the argument, but what I do know is that we have chosen our economic system as a society. We want our cake and to eat it, we want the efficiencys of the free market and the social justice of another economic system. The two arent compatible.
  4. On the other hand, QPR look a decent bet too come back up and Newcastle and West Ham both bounced straight back. In fact the hammers have done it twice. These players COULD do very well in the championship, alternatively they could be disheartened and fail miserably. All in all it depends on player contracts, whether they have automatic wage drops or not will make a fair difference. The manager wont stay if we get relegated, im pretty sure that was McNallys point on Radio Norfolk a few weeks ago.
  5. Ruel Fox, dunno why, just would have loved to see him play.
  6. I feel chants of "you fat legend" would solve this argument.
  7. [quote user="Long drives home"]Ricardo it amazes me how level headed you remain on here.Do you want him gone!![/quote]Im going to second my admiration on the first front, Im not too worried about the second point though.As a die hard reactionary, I will happily say I do like some perspective from others.
  8. [quote user="T"]Only people not educated or intelligent enough to grasp reality would ever blame one person especially one person who has only very a small influence over events.[/quote] So all of Fergies success was nothing to do with his individual influence over his football club. Lamberts double promotions were just because of Mcnally, the board and the players and had nothing to do with playing an adventurous form of attacking football which fitted the assets at his disposal and what Brian Clough achieved was simply run of the mill good luck. Give me a break, I dont blame him for a single loss, I will blame him for patterns of results brought about by reducing the confidence of a team, playing too rigid football and not seeing the obvious lack of links between strikers and the midfield.We should probably scrap the position of manager, I mean its the players who do the playing, why do we need someone to coordinate tactics, decide the team and create vision for a squad.
  9. One of the problems with holding on to 0-0 and 1-0s all season is that players lose confidence in front of goal.Now we need one, we cant buy one.
  10. are Ipswich looking for a manager, because I have the perfect suggestion.
  11. I wont blame Hughton for both those goals, Ill blame him for the fact that in the entire season we have only scored more than once in 3 games. Which by my reckoning means that we have a 1-8 chance of getting back into this match, despite only being 2-1 down. Ohh and did I mention we spent 18,000,000 on attacking players in the summer.Seriously, I gave Hughton till 15 games into this season, I really feel I have backed the guy to the hilt, but the reality is we are in our third season, with a HUGE net spend and we still cant score twice.
  12. Sorry I think my bitterness is coming out now, time to go back to work, when I end my shift Im sure ill come home to another great Harry Kane moment.
  13. To be fair his 6 assists and 2 premier league goals will make a huge difference to our attacking strength. Then again he wont actively make us worse. Unless in some way Hughton decides that now he has marveaux the team will need to play a slightly more rigid style, maybe with 5 at the back.
  14. I just cant imagine how Chuck Hatch from Ohio has ended up CHOOSING to watch the dire bullshit we put out every week.
  15. Well if you have something insightful to say please tell all.As it is I have never seen you give us a post that hasnt been about plastics, I can only assume someone from outside the ring road slept with your wife.
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