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  1. I've been watching Norwich for over 30 years and my perception (maybe incorrectly) is that we've always really struggled to break down 10 men when it's in our favour (often really hard to spot the one-man advantage) and look so easy to score against when we have 10. Completely fail to control or manage the game, concede about 80% possession and are devoid of intent. You'd think we have 8 players on the pitch, not 10.
  2. It's one of my bugbears. It seems that the fans today are in a race to get to the end, finishing with 'Hurrah, we've scored a city'.
  3. Grealish is a great player. He would be a shoe-in starter for England in my book. I love Emi and will be gutted if/when we lose him but he has yet to do it in the prem. Grealish ran plenty of games in the prem prior to his injury. I'm not a great fan of his attitude and he goes over like a granny on a frosty morning but there is no doubting his footballing ability.
  4. As good as Skipp is you can't look past Huckerby. Completely transformed the team. Brilliant to watch too.
  5. What a player he is. There are so few players who can ghost past opposition like he does and some of his passes are sublime. He's just great to watch. I will be gutted if/when we lose him.
  6. I thought that was one of best and probably the most savvy performances of the season. Given the opposition there were very few hairy moments. I thought we managed the game really well and kept them at arms length. The only criticism is the number of chances we don't convert. Should have put the game to bed quite comfortably give the chances we created.
  7. Took on the full back more times in 15 minutes than Placheta has all season. Has the defence facing their own goal and creates vastly better opportunities. Bit worried about him playing as LB though. He'll be caught upfield too often. He looks as though he could play in front of an LB though on that evidence, albeit brief.
  8. All the ingredients are there. To me we just need to have a little more urgency going forward. I think we're often quite slow moving the ball forward and then end up playing in a series of triangles across either side of half-way line. When we push forward more quickly we can seemingly open up teams quite regularly.
  9. I am a massive fan of Buendia. He's the player I least wanted to lose over the summer. I think he has an x-factor ability to unlock defences (his pass to Pukki on Sat being an example) that few others have but too often he looks as though his head's not in the right place. He's often too casual in his passes (conceding posession) and appears to have this sense of entitlement that everythig ought to go his way. He has the potential to be an exceptional player if he can just get his head straight. One goal in 40+ games is not good enough for a player of his ability.
  10. No, although there is some reference to whining on the thread. I have been reading this messageboard for years and it's a long-held view.
  11. I know Chase was at the helm. I was outside CR chanting Chase Out when he sold Sutton. I am talking about the club not just it's current leadership.
  12. Personally I have a lot of time for Delia and Michael. I believe they genuinely love this club. They are fans first and foremost. I don't personally know if they've obstructed outside investment in the club. I've always respected the fact that she would personally attend the Capital Canaries AGM in London for example. They're have been, though, numerous times when we could have kicked on with judicious investment and we just didn't. The end of 92/93 for example but two seasons later we were relegated. I am not advocating wild spending but there are times when you have to seize the moment and we don't seem to.
  13. It's a sad aspect of this messageboard that anyone who has an opinion that we could and should do/have done things differently is always disparaged and dismissed as a whiner, moaner or whinger. I have been going to CR since the 80's and I and others are entitled to our views/thoughts. There has always been a strong contingent at City that believe that everyone should just shut up and be content and that anything else means you're not a real supporter. I don't apologise for being demanding of our club and wanting them to be ambitious. It's frustrating to see potential opportunities pass by.
  14. If we do lose Godfrey, Cantwell, Buendia and Aarons we will have a fat bank account but what might well be a very average team. Without them it's difficult to see us being better than mid-table and we'll have no time to replace them. It's a shame we didn't make a greater investment in staying up. You don't have to spend a £100m but spending £1-2m is pretty much ensuring the outcome that took place.
  15. We did play quite well today but lacked incisiveness. If we're going to play two pacy wingers I would like to see more commitment to getting behind defences, they need to be encouraged to take on their full-backs. We too often play in front of the oppos defence and without the likes of Buendia and Cantwell struggle for the killer pass to unlock defences. If we do lose Buendia and Cantwell and continue to play a similar set-up it's difficult to imagine we will be competing at the top of the league.
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