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  1. In what has been an undeniably disappointing season I am struggling to see any positives or any signs of progress that would make me think next season might be any different.

    Our defending was embarrassingly awful at the beginning of the season, improved and has now degenerated back to early season form.

    We are manifestly unable to create chances, let alone score goals.

    The football is the most boring, slow and turgid I can ever remember, having watched NCFC for thirty years. It''s supposed to be a form of entertainment at the end of the day.

    We are desperately short of quality across the pitch - with Maddison likely to leave. Gunn and Leitner may be gone, leaving Lewis and possibly Trybull as the only real quality. And, yes, I am including Murphy in that.

    Just what is there to suggest that next season might be any better than this one?

  2. Tootingyellow

    Play offs here we come !

    I think people are confusing form with results. We have won a few games recently with less than inspiring performances. I don''t believe we create enough going forward to go on the sort of run required for a play-off place. We couldn''t get behind the Boro defence even once despite playing 10 men for 70 mins. I know there is an effort to get men behind the ball when down to 10 but the lack of speed/urgency allowed Boro to get two banks of four lined up very easily. We never looked like we had any ideas as to how to break them down.
  3. Tootingyellow

    Best and Worst game you've ever seen?

    Wtf Vince? You just embarrass yourself posting such silly nonsense. I imagine you know nothing about the woman or have any insight whatsoever as to the role she plays in the club.
  4. Tootingyellow

    Best and Worst game you've ever seen?

    Beating Villa 1-0 in 92-93 was awesome as was the 4-4 draw with Middlesboro. The away play-off semi at Wolves was pretty awesome, rubbish game but hate Wolves fans and trip to the Millennium.

    Losing 3-1 to United not long after the Villa game was desperately disappointing, 3-0 down after 18 mins. The 6-0 at Fulham was painful to watch given how much was riding on the game and the number of fans we''d taken to CC.
  5. Tootingyellow


    [quote user="Hercules"]A great player, but never really much beyond that we were a stepping stone.Others who have joined (inc Maddison) have embraced the club and the fans. Similarly Oliveira doesn''t look like he has taken to the club either.Watch Gunn and it looks like he really takes it personally, he''s a Norwich lad. Maddison when he score at Bristol City, it was stright over to our fans. Similarly Josh and Jamal are ''ours'' - that often makes the difference in attitude and commitment.Good luck to Pritchard, he nevr gave less than 100% here and if h can progress his career the who are we to complainLets see if the new lads can step up[/quote]

    I''m not sure I''d cite Josh Murphy as an example of the right attitude and commitment. More often than not he drifts in and out of games, waits to be involved and looks half-interested at best.
  6. Tootingyellow

    Team for Middlesbrough

    Did we string more than 2 or 3 passes together in the entire second half on Saturday? How many times did we needlessly concede possession? Just because we got three points doesn''t automatically mean that the same eleven should start the following game.

  7. Tootingyellow

    Angus Gunn

    Massive shame and hugely frustrating that we couldn''t keep him on our books (not that I am saying that anyone is at fault). If Pickford is worth £30m I don''t see why Angus would be worth significantly less. Fantastic keeper. Even better than his old man I reckon and he''s still a baby in GK terms.
  8. Tootingyellow

    Naismith is off to...

    The measure of the deal is simply the percentage of Naismith''s wages Hearts are paying.

    I don''t know what he''s on, rumours range between £30-50K a week. I appreciate any saving is a saving but unless Hearts are stumping up upwards of 50% of his wages it doesn''t seem like a great deal.

    Being honest, I thought Naismith was a great bit of business when we signed him and I expected him to be a big success. I don''t recall many (if any) people counselling against his signing.
  9. Tootingyellow

    Maddison to be sold before window shuts

    You clearly didn''t see the game. A terrific performance it was most definitely not.
  10. Tootingyellow

    Current Squad Minus Pritchard and Maddison?

    As far as I''m concerned we only have two players of genuine quality (Hooly being a bit part player now) and we are not exactly pulling up trees with them in the squad/team. If we lose Pritchard then I fear we will struggle badly for the remainder of the season. If we were to lose both I think we would plummet down the table. I really struggle to see where the quality would come from to win any game. I appreciate that if a player wants to leave there is not much that can done in reality but the future looks pretty bleak without those two. With the absence of parachute payments next season and a further tightening of the purse strings it''s doesn''t bode well.
  11. Tootingyellow

    Russell Martin

    It''s not just about the Millwall game. Personally, I don''t think he''s been good enough for some time and I''ve never liked him at CB.
  12. Tootingyellow

    Russell Martin

    I don''t think anyone''s arguing that RM isn''t a great guy or hasn''t doesn''t done a great job for City over the years. He is simply no longer good enough imho and whilst I don''t think it''s directly attributable it''s difficult to overlook that fact that we have hardly conceded a goal since the Millwall game.
  13. Tootingyellow


    i dont think anyone expected instant success but we should expect the players to be able to manage basic, rudimentary defending. we look capable of conceding every time the ball/oppo gets near our box.
  14. Tootingyellow


    you better make sure your wife doesn''t see this thread or you''re for it

  15. Tootingyellow

    still too early to pass judgement

    It is early but there are some really worrying signs - the defending is shambolic. A lot of the errors are central defending 101. It shouldn''t happen. We have been shipping goals for years now and i don''t see it changing any time soon. When was the last time villa scored four? I know RM is a lovely guy and all but no-one will convince me he is a centre back. We''ll have to score 120+ goals this season if we''re to challenge for promotion to account for the defending!