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  1. The ability to play 90 minutes at 100% may have left him, but his technique, quality and experience never will. Will be cheap ''end of career'' wages (unless a QPR pipe up) - on a free transfer with no large sign on fees... Could prove very useful in regards to providing some technique training to the likes of Snodgrass & Redmond. I wouldn''t say no.
  2. [quote user="paul moy"]... and of course that should shut up those that say Hodgson only picks from the big teams !!!![/quote] Are you kiddin''? May I direct your attention to the inclusion of Ashley Young and Danny Welbeck
  3. What a lovely thread, and so very true. Incredible thing is, those posters who continuously point out people''s grammar mistakes, or critise others for sharing their opinions, would not peep a f***ing word to another human in a face to face environment. Welcome to the internet.
  4. I actually can''t think of one successful team across Europe last year that didn''t play a variation of 4-5-1...
  5. The amount of money to be made on replica gear and merch makes it an obvious decision to make Hooper #88
  6. Could some one do the good thing, and kindly point out to Steven that he''s an utter c*nt?
  7. People that make predictions off the back of a pre-season friendly - MORONS. People that are judging Gary Hooper based on his apparent size - MORONS People predicting our final league position, BASED ON A PRE SEASON FRIENDLY - Cancerous Morons. Norwich Fans with your STUPID negativity and pessimism.. STOP GIVING OTHER NORWICH FANS, AND THIS CLUB, A BAD REP. Ring Canary Call or something, at least only a few thousand people listen to that, your posts on here are for the world to see. F uck me.....
  8. [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Because we are looking for better quaity than that...[/quote] wow... this is the most moronic thing I''ve read this morning. All 4 of the players mentioned would be a great addition to either the squad/first XI.
  9. The optimism of some Norwich fans is so frustrating, and frankly embarrassing. If anyone honestly thinks that, THAT side would challenge for a Playoff position - you are a moron. Holt - club legend, but in the champ, with those players in support, would barely break 10 goals. Relegation/League 1 team
  10. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]OT-F-BC wrote - "This is how we view it at FCR." FFS, stop with your bloody act. Just because you work there does not give you any elevated status here.[/quote] You mad?
  11. This is how we view it at FCR. - Would cost £1-2m - Very low wages - Would accept a very short contract - Very popular with the fans, merch would virtually pay his wages/contract fees - We all know what he adds to the dressing room, only had to see the communications from players to KK on Twitter! And, may I remind you all. When Liverpool loaned A.C to West Ham everyone had the same reaction, WHY? He''s a great plan B. Well, although our circumstances are significantly different as we have 2 quality forwards and L.B (no disrespect) we don''t have the big target man. 0-0 vs. a team like Everton, Swansea or Southhampton... 80 mins in... the ball has been on the deck all game, not much physicality - KK would be an incredible change of tact and in this scenario could be a game winner. In my opinion, every club needs a battering ram Plan B - for that reason, I think KK would be a welcome addition.
  12. A blog entry that I consider better written than the vast majority of the crap that the EDP, SSN and the BBC post... funny. Anyway, couldn''t agree more. Outside of NCFC - I can not wait to see Arsenal make their move... I have this weird feeling that this year, it''s just going to explode for them. I think the boys at the top most realize that another trophy-less year for them, and the fans voices will be undeniable - the prospect of seeing Suarez and Rooney in an Arsenal shirt is just... mind blowing! Chelsea - I personally think that their current squad could be one of the best in Europe. With David Luiz played further forward along side Ramires... behind the likes of Schurlle, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, ROONEY? Incredible... oh - and I think they have a new manager or something? Personally, I think this year will be about coasting. if we can coast to a 10th place finish, then NEXT year is the year we could possibly go for 6,7,8 - why not? ... and if Dale''s lucky balls fall kindly for us. There''s absolutely no reason that we could all be on the train to London in several months. God, this thread has got me absolutely buzzing! .......... time for some Fifa/Football Manager!
  13. Didn''t D.M earn himself a £1m bonus for something recently? (Promotion to prem maybe) I can''t help but compare our progression and David Mcnally to Brad Pitt''s character in ''Moneyball.'' Not seen it? - Watch it, epic movie.
  14. A club such as Liverpool attempting to poach David McNally? His work over the last few years must be drawing the attention of the billionaire owners?
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