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  1. For me it's Pukki, followed by Normann and Williams
  2. Couldn't name everyone, as only had 20 options. Left out Kablak, Dowell, Rowe, Gunn
  3. Jim Guy-1947-48 season- Wing half https://www.11v11.com/teams/norwich-city/tab/players/season/1948/
  4. No way should we sell Rachica, if we've any aspirations next season
  5. He'll want to play every minute after being injured for so long. Its his career, his legacy. Also we're in a battle for survival, no nursing, 110 percent every game
  6. The way Byram got the yellow card against Palace made me think. He's what we need in the middle of the pitch. Playing him there would make us defensively more secure and offer us more attacking threats.
  7. He played there at Leeds on occasions. A midfield three of Byram, Normann and Gilmour has Premier League quality written all over it. Albeit an injury prone one. Byram plays the deeper role, allowing Normann and Gilmour more creative freedom, and hopefully more goals. Normann although he can play deep is one of our few goal threats. We need him playing further forward when/if he's back in February. In the meantime give Normann's role to Rupp. Sorensen and McLean aren't good enough to start.
  8. That is bang out of order. Disappointing, especially as you had already been warned.
  9. There's no place for name calling on this thread onion bag. I don't think anyone deserves to be called an idiot. It's not big, it's not clever and it's not what we, as Norwich City supporters do. Can you imagine Daniel Farke calling anyone an idiot? He would never do it. OUT OF RESPECT. Stuart Webber on the other hand would call us all idiots and much, much worse, without any hesitation. That's what we've become is it. Good guys never make it, so we'll be nasty Norwich now? That's very sad
  10. How much sooner? Pre season or before we won the Championship with our record points tally?
  11. Stabbed in the back with gleeful ignorance! Other than Webber, who else in premier league history, has sacked their manager after his first win of the season? Also who else sold their best player apon gaining promotion to the Prem? Am pretty sure the answer is no one else! Webber seems to have thrown the rule book out of the window. His ego has gotten way out of control! Farke was as cool as they come. Now we're being lead by the emotionally unhinged.
  12. People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones
  13. You and ward 3 both began hostilities by calling me dumb for my initial post. I answer back and now you're playing the victim. Weird
  14. You've made yourself look a right fool here "Oooohhh Webber spends 20 million he must be right!" You can share a slice of humble pie with ward 3
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