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  1. We've just sold Aaron, Rashica and Omobamidele for £25 million. The club need to protect their assets. All 3 are starting games and should be made to sign longer contracts or sold in January
  2. If that's the case Webber has really screwed us and we'll be left with nothing
  3. Can someone on here please explain to me why he hasn't been given a new contract already? At the end of the season he will only have 12 months left. Same goes for Sargent and Gunn
  4. Should we be interested? Desperately looking for a new club, nearly joined Burnley in the summer. Could add some much needed quality to our attack. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66918026
  5. It's just what I think would be our best line up (based on current abilities,) that we could have fielded, if Webber didn't sell most of them. Pukki is a bit past his best now, hench why he's not included
  6. Would this young team currently be good enough to stay in the Prem? Gunn Arrons Omobamidele Godfrey Lewis Skipp Sara Buendia Maddison Murphy Sargent Subs: Krul, Gibson, Giannoulis, Stacey, McLean, Rowe, Nunez, Morris, Redmond
  7. We've got an international striker who will score 20+ goals, settled at the club and is only 23 years old. We need to prioritise offering him a new contract or risk losing him at the end of the season.
  8. Also said right after he scored the winner, in the 6 years he's known him, he'd never seen him head the ball. Could tell he regretted saying it, as he hesitated towards the end of that statement. That's the problem with commentary, you can't have dead air time, so end up saying more than you should
  9. His contact expires at end of next season (2025.) Same with Sargent. The club doesn't have the 1 year option with either player. We could be forced to sell below market value within the next two transfer windows. Better to act now, use the money received from Aaron's and Rashica sales, and extend both players contacts.
  10. We're not going to score are we. Keep the shape next time, it worked last game. Don't disrupt the midfield, play Haydn if you have to.
  11. There really was no need for that. Does it still seem like a dumb question?
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