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  1. Quick early crosses into the box and he will score, for his first season we had Snodgrass dawdling up the line, cutting back onto his left foot and floating in crosses to the opposition ''keeper. Either that or he is more prolific when playing in hoops...
  2. Wolves have issued a statement asking for more money: "In response to some media speculation this morning, Benik Afobe was bought from Arsenal in January 2015, and other players arrived in the summer, to strengthen the team for the strongest possible challenge on promotion this season. Therefore, neither Benik nor any of Wolves’ first team forward players, will be sold this season. Benik has developed into a player of key importance to Wolves and the Club’s plans for this campaign. Wolves have previously resisted the opportunity to sell other key first team players in this and other recent transfer windows. As far as the Club is concerned there is no need for any further comments or speculation about this issue."
  3. Us dudes don''t need another slow winger afta gettin rid of one. This page translates brilliantly on gizoogle by the way: http://www.gizoogle.net/tranzizzle.php?search=http%3A%2F%2Fservices.pinkun.com%2Fforums%2Fpinkun%2Fcs%2Fforums%2F3157660%2FShowPost.aspx&se=Go+Git+Dis+Shiznit
  4. I cannot believe dat tha season we git relegated they include all Premier League Stadiums, maybe they started earlier n'' Carrow Road will still be up in tha game?
  5. Ruddy Martin Bassong Yobo Olsson Fer/Johnson Redmond Snodgrass Howson Hooper RvW
  6. Villa''s home form hasn''t been great all season and look how that turned out.
  7. I''d say Fulham are in trouble, Cardiff definitely have some must win games against relegation rivals and I think will end up going down.
  8. I think we will beat Villa, yes they have the invincible Lambert but their home form is not great, I can''t see us losing anyway.
  9. 16 West Brom 38 -20 36 17 Norwich 38 -35 35 18 Fulham 38 -38 33 19 C Palace 38 -29 32 20 Cardiff 38 -41 25 This is what I make the bottom of the table, I may have been a bit harsh on Cardiff...
  10. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Whilst Norwich is in the healthiest state it has ever been as a club - it came into this season with the 19th largest operating budget. Hull and Cardiff have both been able to outspend Norwich due to rich benefactors. Yes there are untold millions in the Premier League - but everyone has untold millions in the Premier League. Fighting relegation was always going to be the narrative for this season and whilst Norwich have enough talent to avoid it, even if it does happen it isn''t a massive underachievement. Those who believed Norwich would be pushing Europe this season had their heads in the sand as to what was going on at other clubs - Cardiff were outspending Norwich when they were in the Championship. Everyone is talking as if relegation is a forgone conclusion, when the players have shown they can come back from disappointing results time and time again. There are still 15 games to go this season and whilst some of them are against tough opposition, many are winable. I was told Norwich are on the same points as they were last season in like-for-like games. This season is a long way from over. [/quote] There are only 12 games left for Norwich, I think we''ll end 35-38 points.
  11. I think it''s going to be tight at the bottom, and we may scrape through with about 38 points. We have winnable home games (Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom), I''d expect to get at least a point from the Villa and Swansea games. This takes us to the dreaded final five, I think we will get at least 2 draws out them.
  12. With the space on the counter, I think this would be a good game for RvW.
  13. I think one of our players have got a better chance of getting a red, I''m going Elmander.
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