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  1. I suspect they just accessed stock design in lieu of last years abomination... e.g.
  2. How do people typically give up their season ticket for a game to specific people (i.e. not buy back)? I can''t make the Man U game so mine is available too...
  3. Hello, Apologies if this is the incorrect place to post this. I am looking for participants to take part in a short 15-20 minute survey about cyber bullying, online experiences and digital technology. Anybody can participate. The survey is being run by Dr Betts and myself from Nottingham Trent University, Division of Psychology. It has received full ethical approval from the Business, Law and Social Science''s College Research Ethics Committee at Nottingham Trent University. Further details about the study are provided on the first page of the link, but if you have any questions please PM me or contact Dr Betts using the contact details provided at the beginning and end of the survey. Many thanks in advance to those who complete the study, it is much appreciated. Here is the link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2122941/Cyber-Experiences
  4. I may be looking to sell my season ticket back to the club for that match (I''m in jarrold stand). So keep an eye out!
  5. [quote user="Mason 47"]Would it really have been that hard for a trimmed underlay? [img]http://s12.postimg.org/qfdkdozn1/1516new.png[/img][/quote] Much better!
  6. How does a season ticket holder get three tickets for somebody else? I won''t be going to any away games this season for various reasons, so I would be happy to lend my points :)
  7. I was near-ish the top, and couldn''t hear the tannoy at all, so also wasn''t aware we were being cheer-led! I quite liked the screens, being nearer the back meant it was quite nice to see some of the close up shots, and also appreciated re-plays!
  8. I agree with a1 canary that most fans were awesome at Wembley (and ones we met on tube). Not so keen on them at the service stations! We saw a group of Norwich fans on a1(m) just before Peterborough waving scarfs (we waved ours back! - in red audi). Was that you?
  9. We drove up the A1 too (Notts based) and also got a lot of abuse! It was a shame ''cause second time we stopped we took our shirts off as at first stop had a large group of ''boro fans saying they were going to slash our tyres and wasn''t worth the risk for second stop! It''s a shame some fans have to try and ruin a good day out. However, we enjoyed waving the scarf at cars as we went by!!
  10. They''ve obviously decided that getting them warmed up would be more beneficial. Also surely the tactics change depending on which players are on the pitch?
  11. I got offered a season ticket on Wednesday - I''ve been on the list since around Dec 2011. I could pick any of the seats available (there were quite a few - as I was just looking for a single seat!)
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