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  1. Painful match to sit through, and despite our efforts in the second half, overall it was an appalling performance against a very average team. Green - 5 Can''t remember him being tested too much but as you say the distribution was terrible.  Needs to command his defence more. Drury - 2 He is quite possibly the worst passer of the ball I''ve ever had the opportunity to witness.  He constantly puts us back under pressure by giving the ball straight back to the opposition.  Did no closing down all night and gave their winger way too much space.  Shocking performance. Fleming - 3 Couldn''t agree more. His pace was a joke against their quick players, and generally did nothing to contribute the whole match. Shacks - 5 Did his best to constantly clear the danger but with no support from Fleming and Drury struggled the whole half. Colin - 4 Defensively embarrassing and failed to clear to most weakest of attacks.  However did constantly provide space on the right when going forward - just a shame he did nothing with the ball once passed to him. Safri - 8 Worked his nuts off in midfield and rarely gave it away. Solid performance I reckon. Hughes- 6 Did little to impress. Marney - 6 Flashes that he might do something good but his balls in the box were never dangerous enough. Brennan - 4 Did he do anything? Ashton - 6/7 Frustrating game for him.  Constantly had to come out of position to try create something. Tried hard though Lisbie - 7 Worked as hard as anyone on the pitch and caused a few problems as a result. Davenport - 8 Great half from the new boy.  Looked solid, great aerial ability, and even had plenty of pace.  Let''s hope he starts from now on. McVeigh - 6 Made little effect I thought although prvided another attacking option I suppose. Doc - 5 No idea why they brought him on, and then played him at right back, but tried hard none the less.
  2. couldn''t have put it any better myself - after seeing his actions recently I wouldn''t want the embarrassment of seeing him in a Norwich shirt. Maybe in a couple of years time when he''s grown up.
  3. there''s no doubting he was one of our players of the season before he left. Personally I''d love to see him back at Norwich - there''s no doubt he''s a quality player and someone who would really improve the team.
  4. I first started supporting Norwich the season we went down (sorry everyone). My first game was Blackburn at home (the champions that season I believe) and Chris Sutton scored after 4 minutes. The Blackburn fans started singing 7-1 to us after they trounced us not long before. Anyway, we beat them 2-1 in the end, remember Jon Newsome scored one by slipping over, he hit it against his left leg, and it looped over Tim Flowers - genius. Great match to me started.
  5. good point. I''ve not seen much of Ryan Jarvis this season - can anyone fill me in on his progress? How far is he away from making more first team appearances?
  6. Think you''re being a lot more realistic there to be fair. Unfortunately I can''t really think of anyone with good Premiership experience that would actually sign for us and would improve on what we''ve currently got.
  7. Surely he would be an ideal signing for us?? - be it permanently or on loan. His attacking play down the right side of midfield would be exactly what we need, and I can''t see him demanding the ridiculous wage demands that many past it Premiership players would (e.g. Petit). I take it there''s no chance of him staying at Leeds, and surely Arsenal would be happy to ship him out for another season or even for good?? Anyone know anything about his availability?? Has he already committed himself elsewhere?
  8. it was always just a matter of time - we didn''t need Sunderland''s help
  9. I don''t care if I feel rough, in fact I''m loving it, because everytime I think, ''Why do I feel so bad?'' I remember why. And then there''s the biggest grin ever. Thanks Nigel. Thanks Malkay. Thanks Darren. Thanks ball boys. Thanks to every single person involved with the club for making this one of the best years of my life. And things can only get better...... Anyone else bothered about their sore head??
  10. After seeing Di Canio win greatest Premiership goal for his volley against Wimbeldon for West Ham, I''d say the greatest goal has got to be Huckerby''s against Wimbledon - the swirling wind and length of pass made it a far more skillful finish - awesome.
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