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  1. Queen Delia you div Listen most of us appreciate what she has done for the club but we are desperate for serious investment that we need.  Hence why it''s time for the cook to go.  I really rate GR and with the right support in terms of funding think he could take us far.  No matter what deals he pulls out of the hat we are still short of strength in the team for a serious play off run.  The real problem however would come if we did fluke a promotion because it would be criminal not to take the investment to give us a fighting chance of staying up there.  As for booing Delia that is not going to happen at CR unless we are really poor most of us respect her and would like her to leave with some dignity that her role dictates.
  2. Sitting in Spain on my hols so missed the game but:  "Did you nhear that correctly!" Is the best line ever on the Pinkun btw PC could write a cheque tomorrow for over £250 million quid now that is alot of £ notes.  Who are the donuts who keeps saying we don''t his money?  Who''s money would you take ? Anyway back to the vino and thanks for cheering me up WeAreYellows49 after another crap result
  3. Fella, Fair post I understand your point about we don''t know the in''s and outs of the deal however and it is a massive however.... I simply think Delia wants control of the club at any cost due her love of the power of being an owner of a football club.  My point is that when PC came along I think all of us feel the board were not overtly welcoming in their approach to PC and never really gave him a chance to crack a deal.  As with your issues with would we be any better with £20 million spent on our team I think the vital factor is YES over the course of the season we would and that is what is the difference in getting promoted or staying in mid table.
  4. Are you for real? "Why should we should we blame any one party for the defeat tonight" I will give you 20 million reasons why we should blame someone Lets be clear the the board had a choice.... Take a £20 million investment or spin the wheel and hope our numbers come up Do you real think if GR had a decent budget he would not have signed players capable of beating MK Dons? I think we will be alright and finish mid table I actually rate the team he has put together however it just makes me think how good we could be with the right backing If we get relegated would you still not blame anyone?  Let me be clear I love the club, rate GR highly.  I feel sorry for Delia in terms of the fact she cannot let go of something she wants but surely tonight must be a wake up call for all of us.......  
  5. Totally agree with Coelho I actually really liked Delia however when someone comes along and offers an investment of £20 million it times to go.  I honestly think that if she really loved the club she would have done everything to get PC onside.  I think most of us think she did everything to turn him away.  We all know we need the money to compete and without it we will struggle.  If I was Delia I would rather own 49% of something rather than 100% of nothing.... Match Day pie you are a fool to think that if the results go wrong then a large number of fans will not turn on the board.  Football is a ficke game at the best of times and they have 20 million reasons to be very angry. I really hope she sorts this out and exits stage right with her head held high it would be very sad to see her forced out.....so Delia please find a way to get PC in and turn yourself into the most respected woman ever to rule the canary roost  
  6. Big Fish It is you who is a "numpty" No expects her to give away £9 million We expect her and the other shareholders to dilute her shares to in return for £20 million pounds to spend on players However as you pointed out he has gone away....thanks to our board Many of us will not "get over it" and even if Glen who is making some great signings manages to get us promoted we will not be able to stay up without PC''s investment The real danger is if results go against us then she will need to break more than a few eggs to get fans who are not as relaxed as you at losing £20 million pounds from demanding her removal.  This I think is sad for a lady who many of us respected but who in the end failed to grab the best opportunity this club has ever had of getting back into the big time. People still don''t seem to understand that financially the current shareholders would be far better of with the investment than without.  Would you rather own 100% of a club with real financial issues in terms of financing a serious promotion challenge or 49% of a club with a real chance of promotion.  I would also like the board supporters to answer the question of how much did it cost Delia to get control of the club and by this I mean cash not loans etc? Why therefore does someone investing £20 million of cash not warrant having control of the club? Last but not least why as a NCFC fans are we worried how the deal? This club and our fans are too nice no other set of fans in the world would let the owners throw away a £20 million investment in the TEAM (not hotels etc) with the immortal words "get over it" In the meantime lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we can have a decent season and PC is still around when we need him..............  
  7. Yellow Hamer I now defer to your expertise in helping our fellow fans understand why there are so many who feel so raw at what has happened.  I just think the pressure on the team will be so intense this season and if the results go wrong there will be many asking why we did not take £20 million for players so many of us feel we need to get us in the Premiership. However all of us will be behind the team but many will remain bitter with the board
  8. "Answer the questions I asked and I may dialogue with you" ok fair play here goes: "For example, how do you think the Leicester and Ipswich fans ( to name just two clubs ) feel about the potential cash injection into their club from their new owners versus what their expectation might have been at the time of the change of control"       PC is a diffent class of an investor to those at Leicester and Ipswich he is a real deal billion pound investor who happens to be a Norwich fan.  He wanted to invest £20 million of cash.  He is not investing in NCFC for financial gain he is doing because he wants success for NCFC.  However nor is he a mug and for £20 million pound he wants control.  "And if Peter Cullum acquired control, even if this "ghost contract" that you allude to was in place do you think Mr. Cullum, given the nature of the business he is in, is going to sign something that could subject him to a lawsuit. And who''s going to raise such a lawsuit, the minority shareholders, the fans?" PC is not here to rip off the club...... please.....a commercial contract would be signed by everyone if he did not invest in the £20 million his whole reputation would be ruined plus he would be sued by the club.  I don''t think this really is a valid debate "In my real world, if I own the club I will tell Mr. Cullum what I want while I have a say in the matter. That, I believe is precisely what Delia and Michael have done. Surprise, surprise" You own a club that cannot compete at the top level needs urgent investment and if it does not find investment will need urgent injections of cash to ensure its viability.  You tell Mr Cullum what you want and tell him to stick £20 million where it hurts My question to you is what did it cost Delia to gain contol of the club and was she forced to buy the whole club to get control?  However mate at the end of the day we both love NCFC
  9. YankeeCanary Norfolk fuzzy Logic has reached you out there? "SAYING he would spend £20 million" This is simply a legal contract nothing fuzzy to worry about "I agree to invest £20 million in return for 51% of the club" Even I don''t love PC enough to take his word if he fails to invest he gets sued and I think he is worth £20 million plus change I still don''t understand why we as fans are more worried about the shareholders rather than what £20 million will do for the team?
  10. Hi mate this is how I see it If she owns 63% she would reduce that stake to half i.e 31.5% with the other shareholders doing the same.  I would strongly argue that 31.5% stake in a NCFC financed with £20 million of money and supported by PC is worth far more than owning 63% that has no real cash to compete for the Premiership. I can also bet you and every other supporter that Delia did not invest £20 million to get a 63% stake!! whereas PC is prepared to invest £20 million for a 51% stake  I hope that explains what I am trying to say and thanks for trying to see my point
  11. How is a minority stake in a football club worthless? I am sure the orginal minority investors in Google feel their shares are worthless. The facts I beleive are that at 49% the current shareholders stake in the club is worth far more than owning 100% of a club that cannot compete for a place in the Prem.  I think we all think we have a fair chance for a Premiership place with a £20 million investment.  What is a 49% share worth in a Premership club? Lets be very clear Delia has let bug of football get the better of her and wants control for controls sake.  This is clearly not aligned to the values of the fans in the stands and therefore when a few results go against us it will become very messy.
  12. SPat Let me explain why I feel betrayed and why I cannot understand fans like you PC wanted to invest £20 million into NCFC As a fan I know that money gives us a chance to compete for the Premiership which is where I believe we belong As someone who understands business I understand what PC wants and it’s not unfair The club issue new shares that give PC 51% of the club The existing shareholders including Delia dilute their shares to 49% In return for 51% of the shares he invests £20 million into the club for players Yes that’s invest into players not hotels or kitchens or new stands You must understand that £20 million easily warrants having control of the club.  Could someone tell us exactly what the existing shareholders paid to gain control The sad irony is and it’s one that few seem to understand is that the current shareholders shares are worth far more at 49% with PC and £20 million than 100% with no ability to challenge for the premiership.  
  13. SPat my poor deluded Delia fan..... Let me explain it very simply for you: In return for PC investing £20 million in players the club give him 51% of the shares If you or any other fans do not think £20 million is enough for control of the club then please explain why.  Delia and the existing shareholders 49% stake is worth far more with a transfer kitty of £20 million for players than 100% of a club with no ablity to challenge for the top two postions and a very divided fan base      
  14. T fair post but still think you guys are very wrong Hundreds of investment firms take minority stakes in various business infact thats how the investment markets work.  I don''t think the orginal minority shareholders of Google are saying they have no value in their shares...... Therefore what I want Delia and the existing shareholders to do is to become minority shareholders in the club at 49%.  I honestly beleive that the new 49% stake is worth far more with PC owning 51% and investing £20 million into the team then the current value of owning 100% of the club with no cash and no chance to compete for promotion. Once PC controls the club I and many others believe he win install a new winning desire into the club.  Lets argue that the £20 million gets us promoted (I reckon we would have a 40/50% as opposed to no chance now) how much value is 49% of a premiership club these days.  Do you really think its a worthless stake. The logic of the above suggests Delia has let the greed and power of football get to her head - she wants control for contols sake That is why I feel betrayed I loved Delia and rate Doncaster however something has gone very wrong and the least we deserve is a detailed explanation of what happened.  No other clubs fans would take losing £20 million like we have however if the results go wrong then I feel the current board will been in very deep trouble.
  15. SPat Childish emotive drivel..... emotion is what drives real fans in supporting our clubs.  Grey non emotive people like you will never understand the passion real fans have for football.  How many times do real fans have to tell people like you that PC did not and will not buy the whole football club.  He wants to invest £20 million into the club for players in return he wants a minium of 51% of the club.  All Delia and the board had to do was to reduce her shares to 49%. That 49% is worth far more with £20 million to spend on players than 100% of a club with no real money for transfers We feel betrayed because Delia and the board did not take this offer to build a team to take us where we deserve to be. I am sure you would rather £20 million be spent on new kitchens or hotels or Delia''s bank balance but we want it spent on players!!!
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