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  1. Ive spoken to the AShes in Maidstone who will be showing it, as theres nothing on. They said to go in and ask and they''l show it. Hurrah!
  2. Hello! My God, its been years since I posted here. Anyway, hello again, and does anyone know anywhere in Kent that is televising the derby on Sunday please? I see the Capital canaries have posted about a pub in islington so i might go there, but anywhere more local? Cheers, KC
  3. Alas, it desnt work on Saturdays.. doh! I havent posted on here for ages!
  4. I listened to the end of the Rochdale mach using the BBC Radio Player widget, at http://www.phantomgorilla.com/widgets/bbcradio/ This does all local radio stations, I assumed the evening match was still no being roadcast on their website, dont know how this gets round it but it does. requires real player. Will try it Saturday!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMmtM9iXXmY Sorry its not great qualtiy as its from my phone, but the forward flip comes out well!
  6. Nigel, Thanks for all your hard work for the club over the past years, there have been some great memories, and I wish you all the best for the future. KC
  7. [quote user="chicken"] Saint - if it wasnt for people like you and Trent (what has happened to him?) I would have given up coming on here quite a long time ago. You are indeed right. To be honest the my take on it all is that we got off to a bad start last season with high expectancy levels which led to crowd unrest. This in turn led to more pressure on the team who were never really allowed to settle. Worthington tried changing players, formations etc. At the time people were saying that he should try and play a more consistant team, when he did that people moaned about the players who were not performing in it. As a result Worthington was blamed for ALL that went wrong last season. And as you say this season he isnt given any credit. What some people are missing out on is how honest the guy can be - he held his hands up to his share of the blame last season but added some blame has to lie with the players also and they should stand up and be counted too. This season - two games in, he has given a lot of credit to his new coach. Don''t you think if he was as spiteful as some people have tried to make him out to be he would have just come out and said - "I hope I have proved all my doubters wrong now I have turned things around." Instead he congratulates a colleague for his help and effort in improving the team. Somebody on here said that Worthington is like a captain of a ship. If that analogy is true then last season it was as much the crew tying the nots incorrectly as it was the captain miss-reading the compass. A new first mate may well have made a hell of a difference! (enough of that I am completely confusing myself!). [/quote] Thats a great summary, top post.
  8. Goodness me. One lost game and its all over. No wonder people stay away from this board. What do you expect, City never to lose? Rubbish.
  9. Agree - I am sick on the inane slagging off and widespread labelling going on. Bring back the football.
  10. Well said Gary, all the best Greeno, Im gutted for you.
  11. Whats a true fan? Last season you were a true fan if you stayed till the end. Now youre a true fan if you left early.
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