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  1. I don''t care who has said what, we won''t see him here now.
  2. [quote user="Vanwink"]If it is only as a result of today hat you have lost faith in Hughton you clearly have not seen what''s been happening this season, and have a cheek calling those of us that have been pointing it out for ages Trolls[/quote]   Anyone daring to disagree and question our fool of a manager is a troll in the established forum police''s eyes, I thought you knew this Van?   Ignore this BW chappie, he''s the real troll.
  3. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]I hate you Hughton[/quote]   Make that two.
  4. [quote user="Vanwink"]I will always support our team, but that down not mean that I have to support the manager![/quote]   I think that sums up my feelings too Van.[Y]
  5. [quote user="First Wazzock"] [quote user="Media_Student"]http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/matches/2012-2013/epl.html/norwich-vs-aston-villa Just thought you all would be interested to know that Kevin Friend has been appointed the ref for the Villa game Saturday[/quote] God help us. Just the sort of no mark Ref you want for such a big game. [/quote]   Is he that bad Waz?[*-)]
  6. I fear the worse for us in this game, maybe its that 6-1 mauling of Sunderland which has got me spooked.   1-3 defeat.[:(]
  7. Englands No.2 keeper, so its a no brainer imo.   Sorry Bunny, no slight against you intended.
  8. [quote user="unique"] "We look more solid defensively" is like stating the bleedin'' obvious.......... We have two full-backs who (correct me if I''m wrong) venture forward far less than last year. More often than not Hughton plays with two defensive midfielders, who by general consensus, can''t pass and certainly can''t shoot, whose sole purpose is therefore to help the side out defensively. Is it no surprise that we look more solid defensively? With that increase in manpower of 50%, the defence should be nigh on impenetrable. With three games to go and an inevitable number of goals yet to be conceded, the ''goals against'' column is not that much different to last year. One of the biggest concerns has to be the conversion of Norwich''s captain, talisman, and goal-scoring machine into a pale shadow of his former self. His goals tally last year in the league is three goals short of Benteke''s current total, but ahead of Lukaku''s at this moment in time. He has turned a prolific Championship striker (Becchio) into an insignificant bench-warmer. It doesn''t augur  well for the goal-machine that is RVW....... This of course has gone hand in hand with the demise of accurate crossing and the general lack of attacking intent. Only once this season have Norwich gone a goal behind and then gone on to win the match, a statistic that offers little hope whenever Norwich concede the first goal. The jury is very much still out with Mr.Hughton. I''m sure everyone very much wants him to succeed, but there has been nothing to suggest so far in 2013 that he is the man to take the club forward.    [/quote]   Hooray![Y]
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