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  1. (4-3-3) Ruddy, Martin, Turner, R.Bennett, Olsson, Tettey, Fer, Howson, Redmond, Hooper, RVW or (4-1-2-1-2) Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Bennett, Olsson, Fer, Redmond, Pilkington, Hoolahan, RVW, Hooper or (4-2-3-1) Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Bennett, Olsson, Fer, Howson, Redmond, Hoolahan, Pilkington, RVW Regardless of that, we have a very good squad for a championship side and you could easily replace any of those players and maintain quality. Lafferty, Grabban, E.Bennett, Johnson, Garrido, Bassong, Whittaker to name a few, are all capable and retains a starting XI that should beat anyone in the league.
  2. I don''t think we need him. With Redmond, Pilks, Benno, Murphy''s and Surman among our ranks, we''re plenty stocked in the winger department unless anyone else departs.
  3. Snodgrass or Olsson deserve the award this year in my opinion. This whole voting Nash thing is ridiculous. It wouldn''t be the worst thing if Snodgrass did leave in the summer. Of course i''d prefer him to stay, but his passion and effort shows he''s done all he can. Cash in and let him progress elsewhere if that''s what he wants. Celtic isn''t just any club, it''s his boyhood club. Next season is going to be a transitional one for the squad. If the likes of E.Bennett, Pilkington and Redmond stay, combine them with the Murphy twins and we have some great wingers at our disposal next year.
  4. For what it''s worth... Ruddy Whittaker Yobo/Martin Turner Olsson Fer Tettey Howson Snodgrass Hooper E.Bennett If we are still in with a chance at half time, RVW and Elmander on for Snodgrass and Bennett. Why not play 3 strikers at this point of the season? Could even try Hoolahan in place of Fer, with Howson and Tettey sitting deeper.
  5. Remember it vividly, but a repeat is not inevitable. If we can keep the majority of this squad together, we''ve got a very competitive Championship squad that is capable of returning to the Premier League at the first attempt.
  6. It looks all but confirmed that we will be relegated from the Premier League this season. But instead of everyone lashing out at the board, Hughton and the players, why not see it as a fresh start? A new season brings fresh coaching personnel, ideas and tactics; a new positive mentality all round, new faces signing as well as those willing to stay and get us back up to where we belong... and even a new kit! It has been a great three years in the Premier League, and now we''ll go and have some Championship fun for a season before giving the top flight another go! It could be good for us, with players having had a taste of Premier League football, they''ll be desperate to get us back there!
  7. If RVW would be prepared to play his trade in the Championship I think he''ll be great. Rather see him scoring for us in the Prem next year though!
  8. Interesting point, any mileage in loaning out any of our higher profile players (eg. RVW, Fer) in the hope that we could use them the following season if we got promoted?
  9. Any that would be prepared to stay from this season would be a bonus because we have good enough players in our squad as it stands to get us straight back to the Prem in my opinion. My thinking is the following: Ruddy - Like to think he would stay, but agent will likely nag at him to move to the Prem for England chances if right offer came in. Bunn - Stay. Could be no.1 if Ruddy goes Nash - Out of contract, will go Rudd - Stay unless chance to be no.1 elsewhere comes along Martin - Would stay. Agent will try for a move. Whittaker - Would stay if guaranteed starting XI Garrido - Would stay if guaranteed starting XI Olsson - Would stay, did with Blackburn. Agent will try for a move though Bassong - Like to think he would stay if guaranteed starting XI, will probably ask agent to try for a move Turner - Stay R.Bennett - Stay Johnson - Stay Howson - Would stay, agent will try for a move Fer - Like to think he would stay, but would probably ask agent to try for a move, on fringes of Holland squad after all Tettey - Would stay, but agent will try for a move Fox - Gone regardless Hoolahan - Stay if guaranteed starting XI, likely to ask agent to try for a move Snodgrass - Like to think he would stay, but would probably ask agent to try for a move Redmond - Would stay, but go if right offer comes in Pilkington - Gone regardless (if reports are to be believed) E.Bennett - Stay RVW - Like to think he would stay (not proven worth in higher league for potential punters), although agent will try for a move to get him back in Holland contention Hooper - Like to think he''d stay, agent will probably try for a move. Think he''d rather be in the Prem if deal could be done (although that goes without saying doesn''t it!) Becchio - Gone regardless So out of all that I think the majority would be likely to give us one more season as long as promotion back to the Prem is on the cards. However with some of the players (internationals and a few others), could easily be persuaded to go if ''bigger'' clubs come in.
  10. I''d go for (4-2-3-1): Ruddy Martin, Yobo, Bassong, Olsson, Tettey, Johnson, Snodgrass, Howson, Redmond, Hooper Subs: Bunn, Bennett, Garrido, Fox, Hoolahan, Pilkington, Elmander Although... 1) If RVW is fit i''d have him in the squad, and possibly starting. Although it''d be harsh on Hooper as he got an assist vs Villa. 2) I do wonder whether Bennett would be able to establish a good partnership with Yobo. Arguably, he is in better form than captain Bassong (which is one of the only reasons I put Bass in, Hughton won''t drop him). 3) I would happily also see Whittaker come into the squad. Both Garrido and Whitts are very unlucky to be out of the squad at the minute. 4) Arguably Wes should also start because of his goal vs Villa. But against a physical Stoke team, he might get bullied out of the game.
  11. Same team for me. If Hoops is fit play him, if not play Ricky
  12. For what it''s worth: Ruddy Martin Bennett Bassong Olsson Snodgrass Gutierrez Tettey Fer Redmond Elmander The striker option isn''t one i''m certain on to be honest. Hooper isn''t one to survive up top on his own although looks most likely to get a goal at the minute, RVW is out of form and will likely not put himself about much up front and get outmuscled (not to say Elmander will be any different!) despite running his legs off as usual and create inviting runs and getting himself in good positions, Becchio is untested against the top teams and looks a bit heavyweight and unfit lately to me (an unfair criticism maybe), but Elmander''s work rate has impressed me so i''ve put him in despite fears of him fading out of the game somewhat if he is on his own. I''ve also put Gutierrez in as he impressed me vs Cardiff and Hull, he gets stuck in. Not to say Johnson doesn''t, but I feel Johnson doesn''t do as well against the bigger teams who move quicker and (i''m hoping that) maybe Gutierrez will? Redmond''s pace, confidence and unpredictability could prove effective against a Man City defence if hitting on the counter. As long as he learns when to be selfish and when to distribute, he''ll create chances. Martin may not of had his best game against Cardiff, but he''s pretty reliable I feel against the top teams. Overall I think having that three midfield pairing again now Tettey is back might help to contain Man City a bit more, although granted it didn''t work away from home! Striker whoever plays will probably be feeding off scraps, so got to play the counter attack game, one that this season we are pretty alien to with our slow and steady side to side build up play. Subs: Bunn, Yobo, Whittaker, Johnson, Pilkington, Hooper, RVW Continuing to leave Wes out, if the media is to be believed he may not be in the "right frame of mind" to play. Feel bad for leaving Garrido out, but Whittaker is more flexible in where he can play.
  13. From these four games, to turn our season around i''ll be looking for 8 points minimum. 6 or 7 would be disappointing but not a disaster. 9 and over would be brilliant.
  14. I think he''s got the next four games; WBA, Swansea, Sunderland and Fulham. If we get minimal points from that, then I reckon the board will act. But I like to me optimistic and believe we can use this opportunity and get a good four game unbeaten run going, with at least two of them being wins.
  15. Keep him, he deserves his chance. He hasn''t had a lot of goal scoring opportunities on the pitch when he has played. He''s been putting the effort in, and making the runs, and I believe when good chances come along he''ll do well. So honour his season loan for me.
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