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  1. Invest in youth? Most of the national team is now young players, which is what the public has been crying out for, unless you mean invest at grass roots level, in which case I think most level headed people would agree with you. But anyway, are we really going to start threads on this every time an England squad is announced? Seriously, grow up. If I was England manager and gad keepers playing in the premier league against Costa, Aguero, Di Maria etc, I''d prefer their experience of facing these players every week over an Everyon reject playing against Rotherham. P.S. That comment doesn''t mean I don''t rate Ruddy, I just can''t see what the problem is in favouring premier league players over ones in the Championship.
  2. [quote user="STAN"]Passion & Pride. The players are lined up at the start of every game and forced to sing a song about God saving our glorified tourist attraction. God save our Queen? 90% of English footballers couldn''t give a t*ss about the Queen. Does the Queen care about me? No. Do I care about the Queen? No. I don''t wish nothing bad upon her but she means as much to me as my neighbour 5 doors down the road. In fact the said neighbour probably means more. Secondly.. England''s a shithole. How many players are proud and passionate of/about this country? This is our problem.[/quote] It''s probably just a shithole where you live. It''s what you make it and judging by your language you choose to make it shit. We do have a beautiful country, you just need to get out more.
  3. [quote user="Just Dan"][quote user="Carrow_Road_Canary"]He''s choosing players from the premier league, are you really surprised?? They play against top opposition most weeks, not Bournemouth and Ipswich. If Ruddy wants to be in the England squad he should either move to a PL team or help get us promoted.[/quote] This is what bothers me about the England team, surely it should be made up of the best English players, not just the best English players in the Premiership. A good player is a good player, regardless of the team he plays in. Until we can scout players lower down the leagues or we get more English players in the Prem, we are doomed. And a poor footballer is still poor regardless of the team he plays for, so it is a shame that Smalling and Cleverly went to the world cup just because they play for Man Utd. Had they been at Norwich, they would not have got a look in. It has to change.[/quote] Yeah, and there''s a reason why they don''t play for us... The best English players are in the premier league. Players who are in the England squad, like Fabian Delph, who people are saying ''wtf is he in the squad for'', would jump at the chance to have him play for us. It''s our national team, and it may be crap at the moment but we support Norwich when they''re crap, why not the country that represents us too? Everyone here will be in the pubs celebrating if we ever do win a World Cup or European championship.
  4. He''s choosing players from the premier league, are you really surprised?? They play against top opposition most weeks, not Bournemouth and Ipswich. If Ruddy wants to be in the England squad he should either move to a PL team or help get us promoted.
  5. I don''t know if I''m allowed to say too much, but we do have fans come in to get stuff signed so it''s no big secret. They''ll be staying over Saturday night but Sunday is when they''ll be signing stuff, usually around lunch time, but as the game is an early kick off I couldn''t give you an exact time to be there.
  6. It''s Sprowston Manor. I should know, I work there ;-)
  7. [quote user="Crystal Canary"]A scintillating, awe-inspiring 6-0 drubbing of Swansea, with Hooper and Wolfie linking up in a breathless display of intuition and emotional connectivity. With the final goal, the new partnership unites in a heady display of passion and wanton desire, embracing and collapsing in the goal mouth for a massive make-out session. You reckon? ..no? Just me then.[/quote] I wish that would happen!!
  8. Happy birthday to the boss! No-one mentioned this yet? Disgraceful!
  9. The concierge where I work told me he saw McNally leave a conference room with an agent not long ago.
  10. I agree with pretty much all you say... but 1996 aside, and that was on home turf, we haven''t really set the world alight have we? What we need is a good coach who can mould a team and get the best out of mediocre players. Hodgson seems to be doing that - undefeated in the group, only 4 goals conceded, the third highest scorers in qualifying. That seems to be the way alot of the time and then we crumble at the tournaments. I don''t expect us to win it but if you have a united team who respect the manager you can do things. Anything can happen in football. No English manager had reached a quarter final since Terry Venables in 1996 until Hodgson did it in 2012 and he''d just joined. How refreshing was it to see him jumping about in joy? he may have got a reputation as a conservative manager, but not in the last two games! You don''t give Andros Townsend his debut in a vital game if you''re conservative. You mention how bad the current young players are - before, lots of people have been saying we should blood the youngsters in tournaments to give them valuable experience for the future - would you say that is wrong then? To play the Cahills, Smallings, Jones'' etc? Do you not think they have the potential to learn and get better? I agree though that Welbeck is a bad version of Heskey! As ever, i have no expectations but plenty of hope!
  11. I live literally next to the stadium. I don''t think it gets any more local than that!
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