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  1. Couldn''t agree more, today''s the first time I''ve look on this site for a couple of months and I wished I hadn''t. Full of a bunch of moaning old b@strds, grumpy because their wives don''t put out.
  2. They wanted the fans on the pitch, they just look like they have to try and stop them.
  3. I had to give up my ST due to work. So with a priority membership you need to be quick.
  4. Season ticket holders have until Monday, May 11 at 5pm to secure their seat. Priority Members can start buying the other seats now. Any left over will be going on sale to non-members next week.
  5. tickets.canaries.co.uk I just got straight through doing it this way even though i was in a 20 min queue.
  6. With Foster out for the month is Ruddy likely to be called up? Bar Saturday''s mishap he''s been pretty solid.
  7. I use Now TV and buy the one day passes of ebay for 3 quid. much better quality and no worries of the streams stopping.
  8. city-till-i-die "I''m lead to believe." says it all.
  9. Maybe Phelan doesnt want to be manager. a lot of coaches prefer to just coach.
  10. before the boro match Ruddy only conceded 9 goals in 10 matches. People are off their heads if they want him dropped.
  11. ..this forum anymore. Just a bunch of moaning old b@stards with the same conclusion, "Sack the manager". Not even half way through the season and we''re 4 points off the top. Get behind the team and manager or what''s the point?
  12. Would Hodgson ever have the balls to field a championship player? Jerome would be more hungry for it than most of that team.
  13. Pilk''s reaction after Cardiff''s first goal. you could see how much he wanted to beat his old club. it didnt go to well though :)
  14. If derby win 1 nil wouldn''t we go top, level on GD but we have more goals scored?
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