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    You are now banned from having an opinion... in my opinion.
  2. Orly

    A dearth of strikers

    I must say, I was a little baffled that Srbeny was allowed to leave when he was. Couldn't we have kept hold of him for a fortnight until Pukki was given all clear? Don't think it would have mattered either way regarding result, I was just shocked at the cavalier attitude to having 1 fit striker with only 2 senior appearances available to go to old trafford. I think my main complaint this season is the recruitment. Whether that's through our obvious lack of finances or us just targeting the wrong players with our available budget (Roberts, Fahrmann, Amadou?), we'll never know.
  3. Orly

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Poor performance all round today. I've already practically given up on avoiding relegation. They'll be better days than this however. Just not today. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Orly

    Aaron Wilbraham

    If we're not already scouting him, we're not doing our job properly. Has looked a real prospect in the 2 matches I've seen him play.
  5. Orly

    Aaron Wilbraham

    That young right back (Mathieson? sp.) is the Norwich fan who scored against Man Utd couple months ago. Maybe that's already been made clear and the above has gone over my head.
  6. Orly

    Trybull ratings

    Have always thought Paddy's a bit harsh on Tom sometimes, but as Mason says, he's pretty conservative with his ratings.
  7. Orly

    F.A Cup

    I presume that there aren't going to be any streams?
  8. You can tell it's something he's worked incredibly hard on. I was worried when he joined that he couldn't do anything to a football except rocket it into the stands (or the top corner occasionally). But it can't be said enough: A model pro, who we're lucky to have.
  9. Orly

    Godfrey as cdm

    That is incredibly optimistic. Hah! Glass half full kind of chap I'm guessing? Nowt wrong with that of course.
  10. Orly

    Poor loan signings again.

    Perhaps, but he also looks like he has the technical ability of a 'strong box' thus far, so I can see why he's been bench-warming.
  11. Orly

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Couldn't we? Could we not just insert enormous relegation wage cuts, but mitigate this from the players perspective by having a 'considerably less than market value' relegation release clause? Genuine question, not merely being a contrarian.
  12. I presume all the VAR officials who have presided over our matches this season are also called 'Pukki' in Malay too.
  13. I have a theory that there are more depressed living in norfolk than anywhere else due to the lack of tall buildings, landmarks or bridges to jump off.
  14. Anyone remember when Daniel first came to the club? At the start of the first season we were shipping goals left and right, not really threatening the opponents goal, and generally experiencing growing pains of the implementation of a new style of football. Much like the start of this season up to Aston Villa at home (with growing pains replaced by 'becoming accustomed to the Premier League'). Then, slowly but surely, in that first season, the team started to become more resilient, goals stopped being conceded, but still our troubles in front of goal continued until the end of that first season (much like the previous 5 or 6 games in this season). Now we're at the halfway mark, I don't need to remind anyone what happened in the second season Farke was in charge, and nor am I suggesting that any upturn in form will result in us staying up - that ship has probably sailed - but one thing I am confident about is Farke's ability to find solutions over the longer term. Therefore I expect us to do better in the second half of the season. So, please keep the negativity to a minimum, if not on here, then at least at matches. It really won't help anything but will certainly hinder players whose confidence is already low. In short, keep the faith. It could be worse, you could be an Ipswich supporter, or Simon Cowell.
  15. Orly

    9 wins?

    I think we should give Dean Ashton a call and see if he fancies having half a season to try and save us, just like 14 years ago. He's put on few extra pounds but probably still weighs less than Drmic, plus he actually fits our transfer budget.
  16. I don't necessarily disagree with that, but I fail to see how that helps anyone.
  17. Buendia wasn't playing very well imo. I wanted him subbed personally, the resting for next match was added bonus.
  18. we have another game in 2 days
  19. Orly

    Norwich v Wolves

    You reckon someone will actually take this bait?
  20. Orly

    Norwich v Wolves

    I'm frustrated too, but if you actually blame farke for the players not putting away the 8 good chances we had, I think you need a little time out.
  21. Orly

    Norwich v Wolves

    It's the hope that kills you. Saw this coming a mile off considering how good we've been in this game so far, I expect most of us did.
  22. Orly

    Todd Cantwell and Teemu's Toe

    I like ol' Stiep' but please god no. However, if needs must, I'll still be cheering the 9/10 shin rollers he dribbles at goal, in the hope that the 1/10 screamer he occasionally hits finds its way off his boot.
  23. Orly

    Broken toe

    Yeh, I've played with a broken toe, and sans toenail as well (got ripped out, do not recommend). It hurts. Just seen Jordan Rhodes scored a hattrick at the weekend. Happily have him back - although Drmic is expected back in January isn't he, so I imagine that it's massively unlikely.
  24. I'm still surprised that it's Jamal who lost his place rather than Max. Out of the two, I would have said that Max's form has been poorer recently. I'd have had Byram in for Max and restore Jamal to left back, but then again, I'm not a premier league football manager so...