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  1. For anyone still doubting this transfer Direct quotes from Gala''s Chief Exec: “I can confirm Johan is moving to England. We have agreed with Johan, his new club Norwich and his agent Anders (Wallsten). We wish Johan the best of luck in the future,” Galatasaray technical director Bulent Tulun http://espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1528911/galatasaray-confirm-norwich-move-johan-elmander?cc=5739
  2. You just linked to a page full of affiliate links for gambling sites.b
  3. Good, sounds like a complete dirty cheating ass. And the 3 times I''ve seen him play for sweden, he was shit. Wessi much better.
  4. This is how every message-board dies, a bunch of nobs think it''s hilarious to make every thread a troll-thread until everyone leaves and they''ve got no one to troll anymore. I''m done.
  5. There''s no substance behind this whatsoever.. move on..
  6. Ince wouldn''t have produced those stats in that defense-minded Birmingham side.
  7. Worth every penny in my opinion. Start of the season he was their best midfielder then Coutinho pushed him out of the side.. which is nothing to be ashamed of. At that age he will still improve, I honestly think he will be an England regular in years to come.
  8. As of today, we will now move above ipswich in total number seasons spent in the premier league.
  9. I''d jump at the chance to sign Martinez, his teams play positive attacking football, but he just doesn''t have the quality at the back to climb the table. We already have a decent back 4/5. Give Martinez money for some quality midfielders/forwards and game on.
  10. Wigan have only won 1 of their last 5 premier league games! (yesterday''s game). The way everyone is acting on here, it''s almost assumed that Wigan are going to win every game from now on. So no-one should be assuming that they''re on blazing form. It''s not like they''re going to stroll to victory in the Swansea and Villa games, they couldn''t even beat West Ham and QPR.
  11. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I think saying football managers are "scared to win" implies you''re about twelve years old.[/quote] Scared to attempt playing positive football at the risk of conceding. You know full well what I mean. And how big of you to throw petty insults like around because. I am very much an adult thank you with a masters degree to boot. Just because you''re some old saddo wasting his life away with 14,000 posts on a football forum, doesn''t make you king of the castle, and doesn''t mean you have a right to start unprovoked name calling.
  12. .. and so we should have signed a manager that wasn''t scared to win away games.
  13. Lambert went into every away game thinking ''how can we get the win today?''. Hughton, with the same players (and some upgrades) this season has gone into every away game thinking ''how can we get a 0-0 today?'' And that''s where all those points have gone missing, and that''s why we''re in this mess. Next season we need a new manager, regardless of what league we''re in, that will have the mentality to at least try to/believe they can win every away game.
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