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  1. Am I to understand it there is a protest this Saturday outside the ground before the Blackburn game? I''ve seen it mentioned on Twitter but nowhere else. I''m in.
  2. Definitely saw that one coming...wondered why it took so long. As soon as Alex Neil took over the dugout at Bournemouth, I knew Mike Phelan wouldn''t have been happy. I wish him all the best.
  3. Pinkun are slow getting it up on the website; BBC and Sky announced it half an hour ago!
  4. Your damn right it''s getting boring!! Yeah, play one up front away from home against a Premiership side, but not at home to a league two team. Embarrassing.
  5. I don''t believe it, just seen the team sheet and Hughton is playing one up front again at home to Bury Town!!! I''ve had enough of these defensive tactics now. Any other Premiership manager would have changed tactics by now. Hughton is stuck in this rigid formation mind-set that even the opposition can guess what we''re going to do. Bring back Worthy...all is forgiven.
  6. 1 up front again...no wonder we can''t score. Wigan didn''t play with 1 up front....we need to attack these teams!!! Poor tactics again.
  7. Do we actually need another striker? We''ve already got Holt, Kamara, Jackson, Becchio and Hoolahan - plus Martin out on loan. Besides, the system we play we could have Van Persie in the team and we''d still play one up front and struggle for goals.
  8. I''m sorry, but I can''t see how David Moyes can say that. I know we all can be biased about our teams and you expect a bit of that, but you would think managers to at least tell an honest reflection of how the game went. For David Moyes to say they should have won 0-2 or 0-3....I just can''t see that, surely not even a neutral would say that. They scored a perfectly good goal, we scored two goals. If you don''t take your chances, you don''t win, it''s as simple as that. To imagine and dream about what you think the score should have been is just a pointless exercise and smacks of sour grapes. Thoughts?
  9. Agree with TheRock - Danny Welbeck is the most over-rated player in the Premier League. To score 9 goals playing the majority of last season up front for Man Utd is a poor total. He missed so many chances for them. 1 goal this season, he''s beginning to be found out. No idea why he got the nod over Holt for England last season. Reading are too good for him also, he''d be better off dropping down to the Championship or League 1, learn some finishing rather than big wages.
  10. [quote user="Lord Horn"][quote user="Shack Attack"]If you are writing/reading out a list of scores or putting the result at the head of a report then you would always read the home team first. So in your example Manchester United 1 Norwich City 4 would be correct. But if you are referring to a score within the main body of a report/article I think it is perfectly fine to say ''Norwich beat Manchester United 4-1''. [/quote] Totally agree but I totally refuse to follow this concept when filling Norwich scores in on my fixture list - don''t care whether we are home or away an ''F'' on our fixture list should always relate to goals scored by us and an ''A'' to goals against us. I hate it when the PInk Un or other sites record our scores like for example Norwich winning away 4-3 at Swansea: Saturday December 8th Swansea Away 3-4 Does this annoy other people or just me???? I''m sure that''s only started happening in recent years??? [/quote] I see where you are coming from Lord Horn with the F and the A, but if for example a headline said Norwich win 4-1 against Man Utd, I would automatically think it was at Carrow Rd, because of the order the score is written. It would be a bit odd in the writeup to then say Norwich win 1-4 at Old Trafford, as the score has been swapped round. It just so happens that as Norwich fans, we know the fixture already; but if you were looking back and past results, the score surely has to be written in the correct order of home first, then away if the ground isn''t mentioned? It seems from the responses though that this is all down to preference. Some funny responses, thank you! :-)
  11. This is a slight change from the usual and I wonder what people thoughts are? Can I ask what you think is the correct way of writing down a football score? For example, if Norwich travel to Manchester Utd and lose 4-1, the media would report that Norwich lose 4-1...correct? If Norwich won the game by the same score, would you say Norwich won 1-4...or would you say Norwich win away 4-1? I have always thought the score should be in order of whether you are home or away...is that right? I''m only asking as I report for another football club and someone has mentioned that they thought I was wrong. They say that it should be written "Norwich win 4-1 - even if it''s at Old Trafford. I would say the opposite and write it as Norwich win 1-4. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, mistake - before you all jump on me.Got my dates muddled, I meant Peterborough.
  13. Wow, that is a bit of a surprise.CH has stated that Declan Rudd will start on Saturday against Peterborough, no reflection on Mark Bunn,  it''s something he decided a while ago.Thoughts?
  14. It''s funny how people see games in a different light. Just listened to Sam Allardyce''s match summary on the BBC website and he thinks West Ham dominated the whole game apart from the last 5 minutes. Norwich didn''t have a sniff in the game because of the West Ham dominance and they created chance after chance. On reflection, my personal view is that West Ham deserved to win today, but big Sam made it sound like a walkover, which is certainly wasn''t. My beef is that with just a lone striker up front, we are always going to be limited in scoring goals away from home, so when you go 2-0 down, you need to change the formation. It obviously isn''t working otherwise you wouldn''t be 2-0 in the first place. You have to go for it or you''re going to lose. So put 2 strikers up front and attack. I also feel playing a single striker at home is too negative. Most opposing teams that come and play at Carrow Rd certainly don''t play with one striker. But hey, I guess we''ve all got our opinions and not saying I''m right and CH is wrong, but I''d like to see a bit more positivity up front as our tactics are becoming all too predictable and stale. COYY!
  15. Hmmm, I must admit, that surprised me a bit.Perhaps CH is resting Holty, he''s played a lot over the festive period.
  16. I have to say the new Norwich City website is appallingly bad. It looks rushed and no care taken over it.I hate ad''s that pop up in your face all the time and I hate websites that aren''t user friendly. No thought was put into how the fans feel.Although not an Arsenal supporter, their website is very well put together and there are even non-league websites better than the Official Norwich City website.Like this one for instance...Newport (IW) Football Club www.newport-iwfc.com of the Wessex League Premier.
  17. There''s always one player who has a mare and today it''s Barnett.
  18. If Crouch is the same age and Stoke paid £10m for him, McNally would be looking at a similar price for Holt at this stage.Also, Grant Holt scored more goals than Crouch did this season. The other factor is that Crouch is no longer an England International.I wonder how many goals Holt would have scored if Lambert didn''t keep subbing him all the time and leaving him on the bench? 20?IMO, I think McNally has played a very good card, Holt has a minimum 2yrs left on his contract, Villa won''t be able to afford him and we get the best out of him.In 2 years time, Holt will be 33 and if he still wants away, Carlisle can have him back.
  19. Don''t want anyone with the word "relegation" on their cv.
  20. I''d love it if Stephen Fry (General Melchett) "denied" Paul Lambert "permission to speak" - Classic!!!
  21. Why would he say going to Villa is "absolute nonsense" and then do it a few days later?
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18173465...according to this. Please let it be true!
  23. Holt''s header v Liverpool. Never seen such bravery against 3 other players.
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