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  1. That''s true Reggie, although not as perfect as Lithuania, the colours here are at least partially correct. I''m just pleased I''ll be able to watch the game in the pub on a big screen today, as bars always show Man City games here....getting them to put on Norwich, when we''re playing Hull or something, is more challenging!
  2. [quote user="manbearpig"]I''m from Crawley so there are a couple of us in Sussex! Strangest place I met another Norwich fan was in Taba, Egypt! Can''t leave you''re hotel unless on an organised trip so out of about 300 people was a bit strange![/quote] That wasn''t me was it? I met a city fan in Taba a while back, it would''ve been in either the Hyatt or Radisson, don''t remember exactly. Well I guess I class as a city fan in an odd place, not many others living here in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, although I''m originally from Norwich of course.
  3. I rarely post here, but read daily. I fully expect to be denounced as a ''plastic'' because my work with our government took me to Ukraine, which makes it tricky to travel to Carrow Road for games, so have to resort to watching them in bars. However, this forum has become one of the most toxic and bitter places on the internet. Every thread gets taken into personal attacks, trolls, bitching and worse. I frequent other forums, regarding darts, cars, food etc; none of them have the air of hostility we have here. As mentioned earlier, we are all supporters of a fantastic, well run club, why do we have to be at each others throats all the time, and make this an unfriendly place to be. Good times or bad, we don''t have to degrade into Schoolyard Bullying surely? This is the main forum for us fans to communicate, I just wish it was more civil.
  4. Hughton seems to be reading my mind today, just thought that time for snoddy to go and why not roll the dice with Wes.
  5. Nice to see Ricky given half an hour here!! No power on that header from Fer
  6. Hi Julia :) Great to hear you are bringing a good crowd for tonight''s game! I am hoping for a cracker, as I have flown over from Ukraine for tonight''s game....as well as Southampton at the weekend! Given our performances in early round cup games however I would stick a few quid on Bury if I were you! However, I am hoping for a good win and fancy Elmender for a brace tonight for some reason! Either way enjoy tbe game and enjoy Norwich! You''re more than welcome in the great city! Looking forward to seeing it again myself actually!!
  7. [quote user="the bristol nest"][quote user="UkraineCanary"]Possession 44/56 according to BBC Sport[/quote] that more like the game I am watching.[/quote] Yeah agreed!
  8. Come on Tom, go and have fantasies about a 96''500 arena at the UEA with a theoretical portal to a virtual arena at the showground, linked to the stadium via a special 3d link funded by the council that enables a virtual world for the extra 77''000 people that were not seated in your UEA super arena! In other words, stop being such a cunt you pathetic little man, you are delusional and concerning.
  9. Oh thanks, for some reason I thought that the rows were consecutive from the lower...so the front row of the upper wouldn''t be A. My mistake, thanks.
  10. Hey, could anyone tell me how many rows from the front of the Barclay Upper row Q is? I have a ticket there for the Wigan game when visiting home before Christmas. Used to have a season ticket in the lower before I moved but don''t remember what was the last row of the lower. Thanks.
  11. The thing is although the start to the season has been awful, and it''s probably a little warly to be thinking about replacing the manager, we don''t want to become one of those clubs that fires the manager so soon. And also, realistically I can''t think at this moment in time of a replacement that would be viable......Harry would never come, Holloway would take us down also, so would be a waste of compensation money.....there just isn''t a name I can think of personally, that is seemingly a much better option.
  12. I think 3-2 to city....goals from Bassong, Holt and a late one from sub Kane.
  13. Always played as a striker....started playing at school....for Norwich School First 11, then played for Preston Park in Brighton, then for FC Bosna Köln VFL Poll in Germany and now getting kicked about for FC Gararina in Dnepropetrovsk....although it is amusing to be classed as an international star in our teams monthly newsletter :)
  14. I hope you find another mate....I have had zero luck finding any fellow canaries over here in Ukraine!!
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