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  1. Just to dispel the murmurs about being dropped he was given "leave" because he has become a father for the first time. I was googling him to see whether he had scored yet over there and came across an article talking about him & Max Gradel (remember him?) missing from the last weekend matches
  2. https://www.facebook.com/RickyvanWolfswinkelOfficial?fref=ts That is the FB account he is talking about. I think he is genuine and wants to show NCFC fans what he can do
  3. I expect we will see most of the players that haven''t played tonight playing in the next match. As it is about minutes, it is better to give some of the younger lads some game time with the senior players
  4. Pretty much unless it is a Champs League team in Spain, Germany or Italy I doubt they would get more money. I doubt greatly he will be taken on as a "star player" for a top team. He wasn''t consistent enough and we saw with Newcastle how many players stayed put and went back up when they went down. Really goes down to what is in his head, with it not being a W Cup/ Euro Champs year may well stay put? In other news apparently Hoolahan is now settled again at NCFC which is good, sounds like he has been performing well in preseason
  5. Sevilla do have some money burning their back pockets after selling Rakitic for £16m to Barcelona I think one of the key things with Fer is whether he is keen on getting stuck into the promotion push or wants out. If he wants out and we get offered £6.5/8m I would cash in. We do''t need players that aren''t up for it. The "noise" he made before the W Cup seemed to be positive and happy to muck in with Norwich. Even with the clauses that EVERY player have in their contracts at NCFC reducing the wage for the Championship he will be on more money than he would get in a lot of other European Leagues, even the Bundesliga doesn''t pay well
  6. I have never lived in Norwich myself, born & bred in Sheffield, lived in Hull whilst at University and also in Arica, Chile for a while. I have supported Norwich since the late 80s when I started to know football, wasn’t really given a choice to my allegiance with a very passionate Grandad, Dad and brother as fans (not that I am complaining). No one comes close to Norwich however there are other scores that I always keep an eye out for and most of my mates actually keep an eye out for the NCFC score now as my passion for the yellows has rubbed off on them. It is hard to go through schools in Sheffield a proud footballing city and not get an allegiance to Red or Blue. I took the dignified stance of Sheff Weds as they were the better team and also in a different division to NCFC by that point. I hate with a passion Sheff U. I also follow Chesterfield and have been to Wembley a few times to see them and also Hull City, went quite a lot when at Uni there so keep an eye out for their results. Of these teams I actually would say I support Chesterfield (never an issue with NCFC) and wish the others well. I am a passionate fan of Hannover 96 (my Dad was born there, grew up in Norwich, Grandad from Norwich) as well, watch all their games online and also get to at least one game a season
  7. Yeah, Union Berlin are a real community team, no individual is allowed to own more than 50% of a club to stop them having a ruling majority. There are only three clubs that are allowed, that is Hannover (owner allowed to go above as has been there for over 25 years), Wolfsburg (owned by Volkswagen) and Leverkusen (owned by Bayer) Brilliant article. Dynamo Dresden are one of the most hated teams in Germany, they are some serious idiots, I saw them at Dortmund in the Pokal (FA Cup) and the match had to be stopped several times because of flares. When me & my Dad arrived at the ground there was an army of riot police and there had been some trouble before the match which is rare as usually all fans mingle and drink together but that doesn''t happen with Dresden. Or with Bayern v Dortmund The rivalries are serious in Germany, Dortmund and Schalke are a massive rivalry and the other year all Dortmund fans refused to pay something like 40 Euro for away tickets to go to Schalke taking a stand against the cost, next year the price was reduced. Hannover v Braunschweig is also a massive rivalry. Last year they played at Braunschweig, 25,000 fans, 6,000 riot police in case of issues. There is a big rivalry between the two cities historically outside of football In most matches though you will see the odd away fan in the home end, in their shirt/scarf cheering on their team and not being any issue. I once went to see Hannover and even though in the home end I was surrounded by away fans - my fault for sitting behind the away end though
  8. If he is solid enough (which I think he definitely has the ability to be...) it could be very shrewd, especially if Olsson is at LB, could well be overlap central!
  9. Cheers Herman, saw this the other day and meant to read it but forgot about it!
  10. E Benno played really well at RB against Bolton in the first season in the Prem when we had to move Naughton to CB. I remember being really impressed with both of them Surman is being given the chance to impress that I am pleased with Becchio did go to Dereham. I think RB is one of the big question marks for me this season with R Martin seeming to be in a CB
  11. You wouldn''t Bor, you wouldn''t get all of the negativity around the teams as well. The fans are very calm in the main (taking Dynamo Dresden/a lot of the old East Germany teams'' fans out of the picture, they are just animals). I actually got really angry with some Hannover fans being so calm and happy after throwing away a 2-0 lead and losing 3-2 In reply to your comment a fair few pages ago before a lot of drivel I realised I actually cared about the German national team when England beat then 5-1 (as an Englishman should have been the best day of my life as I am sure it was for a lot of the younger generation on here) but I didn''t enjoy it. My German friends didn''t care about losing to England heavily, they were just embarrassed that Heskey scored!
  12. This thread is one of the main reasons I rarely put anything on to this message board. It is obvious that LDC was referring to being a German football fan e.g. celebrating winning a World Cup so all of the backward xenophobic comments about being German and German history, those that have put stuff on here should take a long hard look at yourselves Back to the reason for the thread, as you might be able to guess I am part German and I for one am very proud of this. I am also proud of the way German football has regenerated over the past 15 years since going out of the group stages at Euro 2000. The moment I started to support Germany (ahead of England) was when England beat Germany 5-1 and the next day I got berated at school by idiots and “smart alecs” like some of the comments on here. German football is better than English football for several reasons, 1. Atmosphere, you are guaranteed a great atmosphere at ANY German match, there are people who go to the matches to have a few drinks with their mates and sing all game long (regardless of the scoreline), this ensures a great atmosphere, 2. Cost, you can go to almost any stadium for 10-15 Euro, 3. Standing, I didn’t get to stand much at football in my youth as seating had come in most places, if you want one of the best atmospheres in football go to Dortmund and stand on the Sudkurve if you can get tickets, 4. Whilst you have a constant dominant force in Bayern Munich, it is rare that the pack behind them are the same, you usually get a surprise team into Europe. Over the past few seasons you have had Frankfurt, Hannover (my team) and Mainz all getting into Europe through the league probably the equivalent of Norwich or Swansea finishing 5th in the Prem. When I talk of atmosphere at football, I have experienced football in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Austria and been to over 60 of the league grounds. I have also been to most of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga grounds and Germany is by far the best.
  13. Those talking about the shortness of the GSTQ, there is a time limit on anthems in international football. I think it is 1min 20, or 1min 30 which is why the Brazilians sing after the end of the music. For me the England anthem should be Land of Hope & Glory. As good as Rule Britannia is, it is Britain and not England. The German national anthem hasn''t changed since WW2, they just sing the third verse instead of the first one. At official engagements e.g. signing in of the President etc. they sing all three verses. The lyrics in the one they sing is "unity and justice and freedom"
  14. Not bothered to read all of the messages on here, a couple of things to note, the actual squad that matters is the one that goes over to Italy, if anyone is omitted from that you can pretty much see where that is going Any slight twitch in pre-season means you don''t get risked and also note the fact that there are at least 5 strikers in that squad already, may well be that RvW will play on Tuesday instead and another forward not IN previous seasons we have taken half a squad to these games and filled up with youngsters
  15. Redmond made a big deal of the fact that he spoke with his Mum after the relegation and wants to stay at Norwich and fight to get us promoted back to the Premier League If you remember his mum was also a big influence on him choosing us in the first place. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/9319702/transfer-news-nathan-redmond-intends-to-stay-at-norwich-despite-relegation
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