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  1. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Steady On..."]Um... Apart from the fact he did limit it...[/quote] Apart from the fact that he didn''t. The OP asked "What would you say is our most succesful season", and then gave 4 examples and stated their own preference from those examples. The question asked does not limit answers to the 4 examples the OP gave, as that would require the question to have been something like: "Out of these 4 options, which would you say is our most succesful season?" The OP may well have intended for any answers to be limited to those listed examples, but without saying that specifically, there''s no grounds for complaint when receiving answers outside of those examples. Besides which the OP doesn''t seem to have a problem with the answers we''ve all given, so not sure why you''re nitpicking unnecessarily about it? [/quote]   Thank God that''s been cleared up....   So which seasons can we choose from?    
  2. [quote user="Wiz"] [quote user="Ozbarclay"]Yep  3rd in the Premier... awesome season [/quote]   And a Delia free zone on top of that, double awsome. [/quote]   Was it a Wiz free zone or did you go to games then?    
  3. Robert Rosario scored a screamer against Southampton I think it was.
  4. It''s a shame there isn''t a regular poster who has the facility to meet with Mr Bowkett, at his invitation, to discuss the finer points of the potential financing of ground expansion or the contracts of club employees etc That way they could share their findings and we might genuinely find out the plans and their financial feasibility given that I''m pretty sure we still have a budgetary contingency plan to cope with relegation and the potential pitfalls that come with it.
  5. By the same token, without ever wishing to take anything away from the 59ers, Man U had pretty much been wiped out in a plane crash in 58.
  6. MacNamee. In the words of Monty Python... NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK...SAY NO MORE!! Smudger, you wouldn''t know a footballer if you sh*t one, and you are a sh*t one, footballer that is. I wouldn''t say your first touch was bad but your second is always a sliding tackle.....
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="nutty nigel"] It''s all a matter of opinion I guess Purple but your posts suggest differently to me.     [/quote]   nutty, turns out I don''t even know much about Ukrainian football...[;)] [/quote]   Maybe so but you''re still right more often than a stopped clock[O][;)]     [/quote]   I''ve seen Smudger have a kickabout and he couldn''t trap a bag of cement. His trap is big enough to accommodate a bag of cement, but that''s a different matter...[;)]    
  8. Thought he did pretty well, really attacked the header for the goal, was lively throughout. Holt was a breath of fresh air with another up top, doing what we love him for, tormenting the hell out of the oppo with his strength. The QPR substitution tells you all you need to know about Holts first half performance. They worked well together today, Jacko needs to be more clinical, but, He still gets in those positions to earn that criticism if that makes sense. I still think there''s one on the way...
  9. [quote user="morty"][quote user="TCCANARY"] Why has he changed his name to a full stop?   [/quote] Gone into hiding / deleted his account. [/quote]   Maybe this time he has decided to roll away for good.    
  10. [quote user="Thumbelina"][quote user="cityangel"] [quote user="AJ"]Best away pub is the Eight Bells. About 100 yards from tube station. And about a ten minute walk through the park to the ground[/quote] Thats what is recommended on the football ground guide, a handy website if you havent already found it http://www.footballgroundguide.com/ [/quote] I might try there.  I have heard that you may pick something up in The Crabtree. [/quote]   Really? Someone told me on the way to work today that it was a nice pub!! What have you heard?    
  11. [quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]Really, you people even want to bicker about who goes to games or not? I''m sure if it were possible every single one of us would go to every single game. I plan to watch the second half when I get home, because believe it or not I work for a living and one of the days I happen to work is a saturday. What does it matter where some fans watch it? Even if their preference is not to go to games and watch it online/on tv/listen to it on the radio, whats it to everyone else? "I''m a bigger fan than you! Blah blah blah" Grow the f*ck up![/quote]   Binner    
  12. CityAngel you do love sticking up for that lot down the road!!!! Do you ever pop down there yourself? Perhaps you were one of the 8000? Do you clap if they score? We''ve seen Team GB, are you a Team East Anglia kind of angel? For what it''s worth, I hope Ipswich go bust and disappear off the face of the earth. BinnerAngel.
  13. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Chunky Norwich"]   Most over-rated player ever was Lee Crofts. How he ever got POTS is completely beyond me.   [/quote] Not that it really matters but who else was there? The only 3 players who had a decent season were Crofts, Clingan and Doherty and they were of course the top 3 for POTS. They were the only players who performed to a decent level and looked like they played for the shirt.   Very little between them. [/quote]   In hindsight, clearly the Doc should have got it.   Clingan is still, even to this day, one of the most over-rated players I''ve ever come across. Champuionship relegation fodder is his level.   I can still see him jogging into our penalty area as the Doc tries to make another last ditch block only to see the ball crash into our net...
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