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  1. I cant see any reports about Max and his injury? Do we know?
  2. There must definitely be damage to the ligament, but the specialist must still be undecided to advice to go down the rehabilitation option or the ACL reconstruction route. I imagine they want the swelling to reduce further before making their recommendation. You could go down the rehabilitation route for 3/4 months and still have an unstable knee and then end up having the reconstruction. Tricky, I would work on the worst case scenario and that is he is out for the season.
  3. Depends, they will grade it a 1, 2 or 3. 1 is where the ligament is mildly stretched but still supports the joint and should recover in a month or two. Grade 2 would be a partial tear and may require minor surgery and 3 is a complete tear. I am not an orthopaedic specialist but that is my basic understanding of these types of injuries. Lets hope for either a severely bruised knee or a grade 1 sprain if it is the ACL.
  4. I imagine the MRI will be performed today as you need sufficient time for the swelling to go down. Based on what was said after the game you would imagine some form of ACL ligament damage, lets hope it is a sprain and not a tear.
  5. Time to put all this speculation to bed temporarily. Come on the existing boys, now is your chance to shine.. Cameron, Mbokani, Wessi, Odjidja, Nathan, Seb... Lets do this, two away wins this week please and who cares if we sign a player or not...
  6. Would you field a slightly weakened team vs Spurs in order to play a fresh strong 11 vs Villa. Thoughts Cheers
  7. lets hypothetically say we stay up this year and finish between 12 and 15 in the league... what would you say is our most successful season winning league 1, finishing runner up in championship, last year in Prem, or staying up this year. Of course they are all fantastic achievements but I was most impressed in getting out the championship on first attempt...
  8. Have just noticed that the squad numbers are up on the NCFC website.. this may be old news??
  9. Does anybody know how Micky Spillane is getting on. Thought he had a good future from his peformances at Luton and Norwich
  10. With the great news today am really starting to have NCFC on my mind 24/7.... Would I be a naughty Englishman to want Crofts and now Vokes to score on Saturday?? Come on you Norwich players..... OTBC
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