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  1. Sorry i don''t agree with you on that one, we should be playing our best available team in every game. Ok we were the underdogs, but we have nearly 9,000 fans there ( me being one of them ) so why not play your best team, and give the fans some entertainment, which I think they did !!
  2. Moan moan moan moan moan..... Go and support Ipswich then if you don''t like it!!!
  3. What ithought was terrible thing today was the fact some fans booing at the end, get a grip!!!. Thought it would be typical so called norwich fans waiting for a bad result, so they can have a pop!! Get behind the team Don slag them off at the first attempt, we are all in this together..... Or you could p1ss off and support Ipswich.
  4. I''m taking a bit of credit here, as was in the dressing room before the game, as part of the match day sponsors, i noticed that Pinto''s boots are layed out totally different to the rest of the players, so moved Oliveira''s boots so they were were the same and Pintos, seemed to have done the trick lol
  5. Wasn''t Rowell the striker we had in the 80''s from Sunderland ?
  6. Ruddy Martin Klose Olsson Pinto Mulumbu Jarvis Pritchard Hoolahan Jerome Lafferty Oliveria Ok its bit of an attaching formation, but lets get something clear we have lost the last 8 -10 and have been completely crap, so lets just go for it !!!! at least it could be entertaining with lots of goals !!!
  7. [quote user="Flecky10"]Every hole is a GOAL! :)[/quote] Blimey you must have got front row seats !!!!! hope you got your moneys worth !
  8. [quote user="Flecky10"]I remember you!! You used to sell outside the house with the couple looking outside at you bonking away! Hahaha! ;)[/quote] Lovely jubblies wahheyyy !! that''s the best action I saw all season,
  9. [quote user="Flecky10"]There are a few tasty looking sellers, especially one......mmmmmmmm.......love how he hands me my change ;)[/quote] ive heard he likes to give a firm grip , and smells like flowers in a summer field, with a light north easterly wind, although bit of a p**v from all accounts !!!
  10. When is Jarvis back? he may have a point to prove !
  11. [quote user="Flecky10"]You can stick your £5 scratch cards up your arse!!! What a waste of money, greedy bastards!!!![/quote] LOL £5 scratchcards, lets not bother with a plan of action for the season, and actually have some kind of entertaining flowing football on the pitch, as long as we sell a couple of £5 scratch cards to the old man in a dirty rain mac, with matching NCFC scarf, we are onto a winner here !!!!!
  12. or even Scott Sellers. and play him as a centre half !
  13. As no one at NCFC seems to be taking the blame for our downward spiral, I think its got a lot to do with the programme sellers. After leaving my post ( or should I say chariot), and now enjoying a pre match pint , we were currently top of the league, since then its been utter rubbish, and sales I hear have gone downhill. Instead of trying to sell a host of different scratch cards and laughable Golden Goal tickets, get shouting PROGRAMMES !!!! and help get this club back up the league where we belong. Cmon where are you !!!!!
  14. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"]The Portuguese players care. Klose cares. And Wes cares. So three and a half.[/quote]Totally agree with you !
  15. Get the petition going, Smithy for Norwich Manager !!!!!!
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