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  1. The frustration for me last season was having signed a high quality ''6 yard box'' striker we weren''t set up to deliver the ball into the 6 yard box. Snodgrass was central to that failure, while he scored a handful of goals his play nullified half of the rest of the side.
  2. I saw Adams as being part of the establishment before becoming manager, a fan first and foremost, possibly too close to be objective. Whether he''ll stick to his guns when his view differs to that of the board remains to be seen. I''m not sure it matters that much if he doesn''t. At the end of the day Norwich have to cut their cloth accordingly so he''s never going to have a free hand. Some compromise is inevitable. Much more importantly is the question of whether he has the ability required to lead this team to a top two finish. There I have doubts/concerns.
  3. The surprise isn''t the price paid for Snodgrass it''s the fact that a Premier League side wanted him at all. The fact that we built the team around him got us relegated. Too slow, doesn''t link well, the lack of goals scored when Snodgrass was supposed to be the main man says it all.
  4. No keeper in the world would look good behind our back 4. Not a great deal Ruddy can do with those gutless wonders failing to do the simplest of things.
  5. Our defending is abysmal, we don''t press, we don''t pick up runners, we don''t graft. Unless our players start to put some effort in we''re going down. They look like a bunch of players that want to see the manager sacked.
  6. We have a price fixed for him already should we want to keep him, so we have the rest of the season to decide. Impressive start!
  7. Amazing what a bit of a break can do for a team. The trip to Dubai was worth every penny. We played for the whole 94 mins yesterday, when in recent games they''ve been dead on their feet after 70 mins. They all looked fresh and confident.
  8. When we signed him, I asked a mate if he knew anything about him. He said funnily enough he did, his brother who lives in the States had been raving about him for months. You always worry the step up will be too large, but on that performance he''s going to be a star. I don''t know what the pre-negotiated transfer fee is for the summer, but having that up our sleeves looks a very clever bit of business.
  9. I''ve not been worried about relegation at all this season, there are several sides worse than us in this league. It''s taken Houghton a while to work out what his best side is and how to get the best out of them. Plus it was always going to take a while for a new defensive line up to get to know one another and become a solid unit. So the slow start was to be expected. We''re now playing the high quality football we are capable of and doing so more consistently. A few more goals to back up the domination we''ve shown at times in resent games would top off a superb first half of the season. I expect the second half of the season to be at least as good as the first in terms of points, key injuries aside, I don''t see any reason why we shouldn''t kick on and keep producing.
  10. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="a1canary"]Well done Lawro - WRONG again. Don''t give up eh.[/quote] M O T D need to drop this idiot, not just for his single word comment about us the mans a tit [/quote] It''s not just him though, it''s the Shearer too, he''s got nothing useful to say. The BBC don''t like us, no idea why, but their script since the start of the season was that we''d struggle, have long losing battle against relegation. Why they can''t stick their hands up and admit we''re well clear of that I don''t understand. They need to get it into their thick skulls that a well run, well managed, well supported club can do well in the PL. We are where we deserve to be despite what the MOTD clowns might say.
  11. I hope they keep writing us off, it encourages teams to be complacent against us. We''ll be fine and they''ll claim they predicted it from the start.
  12. This could be a great time to play Fulham. Lots of problems behind the scenes. 2-1 Norwich win.
  13. 49 points. There are several sides worse than Norwich in the EPL.
  14. You have to hand it to him, he''s taken incompetence to a whole new level.
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