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  1. Monty13

    Chris Hughton

    I could listen to him talk about football for hours, never want to watch a minute of his Norwich side play again.
  2. Monty13

    Now do you understand??

    I’ve always thought we could beat anyone on our day. We still aren’t finishing top 4.
  3. Monty13

    The day the spectacles fell off

    We got beaten by a better side today, we are in the Premier League, people best get used to that happening more often than they are used to.
  4. Monty13

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    Having watched the first three games I’m convinced we will be fine this year. There is enough in this team to have a good chance to beat most sides and give the top sides a scare. It’s a young side with virtually no PL experience, yes there will be losses playing our way, but we will learn and continue to improve. I remember football under Hughton and I’m personally in the camp of I’d rather we give it a go and lose than play negative dross. History suggest that playing positive goalscoring football is more likely to get the points we need to survive anyway.
  5. Monty13

    Wot no fred?

    Would probably mean dropping McLean or Vrancic out of the match squad as Tettey is there to bring on to shore things up. Harsh on either but I agree Roberts offers more of a different option than two similar players.
  6. Monty13

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    I can’t be the only one that feels people are getting perhaps a bit carried away? The second half performance was excellent, but during that first half at one point it looked like Liverpool might put way more than 4 past us. There are loads of positives to take away from that game I agree, but at the end of the day it was still a 4-1 loss. We were absolutely shown up in the first 45mins, some really sloppy defending and naive decision making. I’m glad our supporters weren’t on the players backs about it, but I’m not sure if we’d gone out and played another 45 like the first people would be this complimentary about the performance and result.
  7. Monty13

    Well we put up a better show than West Ham

    Can we stop with the victim complex? It’s been one game. There were many good things that came out of last night and there was plenty of praise for us, especially in the second half. That doesn’t change the fact there were some naive choices from players in the first half that repeatedly put us under unnecessary pressure.
  8. Monty13

    Result v Liverpool

    I think we may play well for a good period of the game but I can see us crumbling to some ruthless attacking play as the game goes on, especially if we fall behind and go looking for the equaliser. Similar to what happened against Atalanta. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get anything from the game, more interested to see how we play against the big boys.
  9. Monty13

    Ralf Fahrmann Medical

    He’s clearly being brought in to be number one if the figures are even close to correct. Now it might turn out Farke chooses Krul over him based on what he sees over Pre-season, and I imagine the PR talk will be about competition. In reality though it’s hard to imagine the shirt is anything but Fahrmanns to lose if he signs.
  10. Genuinely think we may be looking back thinking getting this agreed was one of the best signings of the summer.
  11. Monty13

    Teams we can beat next season -

    Apparently, can’t see any other reason for this profound statement.
  12. Out of interest LDC do you know when the last time a promoted team finished 4th or higher in the PL was? Blackburn 93-94 and they had to break the British transfer record to do it. I think that’s why people are saying it’s ridiculous. I’m all for positivity, but the actual likelihood is so remote it’s practically a fantasy. Not too mention the strength of the PL now in comparison is miles tougher.
  13. Monty13

    Webber man of integrity

    Said it on other thread but while I agree it was a good interview by Webber, the standout thing for me is confirmation there has been no contact from Man U. If there had been a serious interest the story might be different. It’s very easy to say the things he said when there’s no serious interest from a bigger club.
  14. Monty13

    What price Webber?

    While I agree unique that it was a good interview by Webber, the standout thing for me is confirmation there has been no contact from Man U. If there had been a serious interest the story might be different.
  15. Monty13

    What price Webber?

    Man Utd don’t have to offer him almost total control for it to be a “bigger” job. Our club is a great club, but Man Utd is one of the biggest names in football globally. If Webber moves there and has an effect in turning around their fortunes it will be far more noteworthy than just keeping us in the Prem. The challenge is there for all to see but a club like United can’t afford to give almost total control to someone like Webber at his current experience and standing. It’s the equivalent of someone running a medium sized business being offered a job at a larger company, it’s very unlikely that’s going to involve full control, that doesn’t stop it being a bigger role. I don’t think money is his main motivator either, I think climbing the football ladder is. He came to us because despite our relative positions at the time Norwich was a bigger club.
  16. Monty13

    What price Webber?

    There’s no way Webber will stay if Man Utd are interested, he’s an ambitious guy. Whether we like it or not, whatever major role Man Utd may be interested in offering him is going to be a bigger role than he has currently, people suggesting otherwise are in denial. It’s fine, we got him the same way. I actually feel fairly confident when he leaves (and it is a question of when) we will maintain the current setup that has worked.
  17. Monty13

    Released Players

    I wonder just how much money has been freed up by those first 4 names and the loans ending. Must be huge.
  18. Monty13

    The cost of poor signings

    When put in that context, if correct, it sounds very shrewdly negotiated, regardless of the player he turned out to be.
  19. Monty13

    Jordan Roades

    I’d be very happy with Rhodes to reprise his backup role if the right financial deal with both club and player can be agreed. I think he would be very useful to throw on when chasing games in the Prem, he only needs to score a handful of goals across the season considering the stakes to more than payback his cost.
  20. Monty13

    Next Season

    You bring people in to challenge for a first team slot and Farke decides who he gives that slot to. I understand the sentiment but signing “backups” is mainly throwing money down the toilet, the bar has been set, you bring people in you expect to raise it.
  21. Monty13

    Bore off, Brady

    As per usual reading what the person actually said, rather than what someone is saying about what they said, it turns out it was pretty reasonable in context.
  22. It was totally Buendia’s fault. He should have stayed cool and professional. I love Buendia but he’s obviously got some maturing to still do, he’s lucky that his poor decision making is probably going to be inconsequential to our season.
  23. I don't think its fair to compare the situation to Naismith's, we have Jordan in the squad now, his value and fit can be assessed now, he isn't so much of a risk. I do agree and I don't think we should be locking him down in a 4-5 year contract on those touted wages. We offer what we are prepared to and it's up to him, nobody else seems likely to give a Premier League chance again, this might be his last shot. 2-3 year deal with a relegation wage drop. Same to Sheffield Weds over fee and see what their resolve is like and what other interest looks like, I doubt they will recoup more than 2 mil on him this window. We know from experience as well if a player really wants to go to a club in the PL its going to happen. I'm not convinced based on his record the last few seasons anyone's going to be quite so willing to gamble 30K+ week on him in the Championship either. However our being in the PL is a totally different beast and if we can afford to have someone of Jordan's calibre as a back-up/impact player I would be very tempted over spending the money for the future when we need to stay up that first season. Lets be honest we need both if we go up, a backup for Pukki now and an unproven potential replacement. Nelson's out the door, Morris is no where near PL quality based on evidence, ditto Srbeny who may be worth keeping as 4th choice, no more realistically. That means we need at least two permanent strikers.
  24. Is he really that expensive that if were to get promoted he wouldn't be worth having precisely to have the same impact he currently does? If he scores or helps create half a dozen goals as an impact sub it may be the difference between staying up and relegation.
  25. Thanks Ricardo, great report as always.