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  1. I have got to pluck up the courage to go for a pint, my mates all support bristol city or prem teams, so its going to be a really fun night of having the piss taken out of me cant wait. but i really need a pint .
  2. so looking forward to today, put £30 on us going up this mornin wot a mug i am
  3. would he be worth a punt?? just been released by oldham, but has scored 25 in 51 games in league1 comes with a lot of baggage though, any thoughts ??
  4. [quote user="Scotty121"]just wanna say well done Cody Mcdonald for coming on and scoring in his debut hopefully this will be the start of a great career for the lad[/quote] here here the boy done good
  5. [quote user="Boris"]we are live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]   oh cody  cody cody cody cody cody boy
  6. The boys done great tonight and if jamie lad could finish all 3 points would of been ours, support was excellent as always we sung our hearts out. wolves support very quite seen as there top of the league and i cant see them staying there much longer on tonights proformance MARSHALL      took crosses well, looked  in control , tho to blame for 1st goal imo 7/10 SEMI        Played well tonight better than last few games couple of good rus forward 7/10 DOC        Another great game from the doc now becoming a very important player for us seems to really be improving and leading the team well  8.5/10 GROUNDS     neat and tidy no real mistakes done a ok job 7/10 DRURY   much the same as grounds done well for the team 7/10 CROFT      Great game from croft the lads on fire a the moment so glad we have keeped him now sign up crofty PLEASE.   joint mom 9/10 RUSTY   Steady game from rusty but to blame for 3rd wolves goal 6.5/10 CARNY    Great first game for the ozzy looked like a real live wire very impressed gave wolves a hard time 8/10 CORT      could not beleave how much cort put himself about looked very good in the air and nealy had chances for more goals nice one     9/10  joint mom CURETON   its hard to say wot will happen to jamie in the next few weeks but on this form his city days look numbered missed 2 sitters    5/10  SUBS   Gow and Killen both done well and where unlucky with a couple of offsides look to be good players  7.5/10  on this showing city will stay up im going to bed a happy man  sorry about spellings im very tired good night 
  7. Im 6ft 6" and 18 stone but after being at the match on sat,  i can comfirm i would be able to do a better job than banjo jamie
  8. if anybody fancys a few beers tomorrow before k.o  i ll be in weatherspoons in cardiff, im the tall bloke who is 6ft6" with longish hair and a beard, will not have my shirt tho as the natives are not over welcoming towards us english!! cheers OTBC
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