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  1. I thought we beat walsall 3-1 that season coming back from 1 nil down, and crouch was sent off.
  2. You want a copy of his xray? of what, his famous groin bone? read the quote he was scanned not xrayed! and xray would show very little just harm his manhood with the rays!
  3. Sticks and stones! AT has an opinion, why cant he have that opinion? I''m not saying i agree or disagree. But this message board is getting stupid, with the abuse posters are getting for having views. Rather than some constructive response, some of the replies (not all) are just nasty. Fine he wants worthy to stay, it may not be what others think but leave the cheap one liners and abuse on the playground.  We are all passionate about our club, its why we use this message board, but some of the posters (some of the better posters) have disappeared in the last few months which is a great shame. Oh well....
  4. Can we have any more spurs players in? we have have two at the mo, didnt think we could have anymore?
  5. If people are unhappy why go? the board would see that some/many fans are unhappy, there will be no booing to annoy the players. Simple. Then those who support there team can do so by attending and sing in one voice! By definition: supporter  • a person who supports a sports team, policy, etc.  Boo • (boos, booed) say ‘boo’ to show disapproval or contempt. contempt  • the feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or beneath consideration. I for one will be there tomorrow not booing, not complaining but supporting my team as i''ve always done, which includes the manager and players, rather than moaning and unsettling the team as other spectators at the games seem to do!
  6. thats brilliant same on our page too http://skysports.planetfootball.com/club.asp?cpid=10&clid=45 good work
  7. Goodluck, I''m doing it too, I''m really starting to panic. If any one wants to sponsor me www.justgiving.com/simonwarner Cheers for any support! OTBC
  8. I''m getting different results when i search on google and yahoo as a result on the pop ups any idea how to get rid of them? trying to get if off my work computer, do really want to call IT they may see how much i look at NCFC websites!!
  9. sorry see others have already posted this, little behind the times!
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