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  1. Agree with sdldjl05. Would be interesting to see how Hucks, Earnie and Martin work in the same line up - potent strike force but a lot would rest on Ethuhu to play like he''s playing in the last month and Spillane offer protection otherwise could get overun but better quality opposition, which thankfully we will not be up against this Sunday. Can''t help thinking that with some of the youth coming through and bringing Lappin, Chadwick into squad with an on form Safri and Ethuhu we have the makings of a good midfield and strikeforce.  Defence, apart from Shacks needs a good going over in the summer as, as good as Dublin has been for us, we can''t rely on him next season if we are serious about vastly improving on this. OTBC 3-1 Earnie, Martin 2
  2. Saw this on the skysports website - look who the scums last match was against apparently. Whoever is responsible should be knighted! http://skysports.planetfootball.com/club.asp?cpid=10&clid=40 OTBC
  3. Im block P" row U - three of us all in yellow an green!
  4. As I am very much a canary in exile I was wondering if anyone had a link to some latest pics of the ground with the new infill? Have not seen the ground (in the flesh) since the new stand was opened and as the camera''s are on this side never see it on tv!   Cheers
  5. If Bellamy is going to be at Carrow Road come Feb 1st I think he will be played up front with Ashton with Huckerby coming in fom the left - as sticking Bellamy in midfield at NUFC is what started off the whole war of word with souness, he will only come here if a number of things are to his liking, one of which will be the position he plays, herein lies the problem, quality he is but a team player he ain''t. Personally I wouls love him here though.   Agree that we need a bit of steel in Midfield against Everton even though Graveson has departed. Draw definitely on the cards and if (a major if) bellars returned we would have a pacy attack with Ashton able to hold up the ball as well - possibly a win, ssshhh i didn''t say that. When is charlton back? Rate Drury but has to close down players much much quicker.
  6. lol - that''s just cruel (but very funny),We have progressed since this email, we have progressed under Worthington, and we have progressed since Delia has been here. This season was always going to be tough but we are not relegated yet!OTBCKeep the (blind) faith!
  7. Well my vote for the name of the new infill would go to......."Son of Snakepit" Hopefully the fans who sit their are vocal so we can spread the noise around the ground. OTBC
  8. My team would be ---------------Green-------------Helveg----Charlton----Fleming----DruryBentley----Mulryne----Safri---Huckerby-----------Svensson---McKenzie--------Jonson to get a good run out in the second half, maybe even play him ahead of safri. Think we need to give Helveg a run of games for him to prove himself before January.
  9. Shocking, absolutely shocking. Infact a bloody disgrace.
  10. As well as our new found form a key to us staying up this season may be the number of clubs hitting the self distruct button. Looking at the clubs around and above us the inner turmoil at these clubs is a joke! Southampton - useless manager (his record is useless anyway) - fans on back, chairman not on same wavelength, must sack him but replace with hoddle?Blackburn. Change of manager - unproven at this level, team of underacheiving players, racism accusation against fans hanging overheads.West Brom. Fans on back of manager - poor results out the door - new manager, new tactics, same players wants 7 out in January, good start but rather them than us!Tottenham. six defeats in row. Manager out (weird circumstances) new man in. Naybet quoted as saying team is bad and in crisis. Portsmouth. Ego war. Manager and assistant out. Chairman to bring in own man - team inconsistent.Birmingham. Soon to lose to the mighty canaries. Backsliding. Racism situation causing rifts at the top. Big players are crap.If we keep our heads and energies focussed on the football at our club whilst others concentrate on politics we have a fair old chance of visiting Old trafford next year.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday - the poor chap how the hell did he end up supporting them then!
  12. Anyone noticing how much more often Norwich are getting mentioned on the TV - not just the football team but we had Barry Pinches in the snooker and today there was a young player (21) at Wimbledon called Richard Bloomfield from the FINE city. His dad was wearing the Norwich top from season 94-95 (I think). Any other sporting personalities from the Norfolk? We could russle up an olympic team for the independent state of Norfolk in a few years.
  13. 3-0 (Huckerby, Bentley and Francis) WBA at home, playing quality football whilst they have a competition to see who can hoof the ball the furthest. Sunny day, full crowd, top of the league and megson sacked. I wonder what odds I would get on that, only the sunny day is in doubt!
  14. XXL16, They did play a big man forward in prohorenkovs (I think that was him) and he was very impressive too.
  15. I think that it is more likely that Bentley will play on the right. Huckerby and Bentley can be interchangable. I think will will have to wait an see who Worthington looks to bring into the club as I am sure a right midfielder is on his list. I must admit that Stepanovs looked good in the first two games of euro2004 - but did not impress me in his time at arsenal to much. I think he has put himself well and truely in the shop window and doubt he will be leaving the premiership. I have a feeling that these performances are a bit of a one off.
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