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  1. That is neither funny, clever or informative, its not even a good parody. A waste of time and effort......"boyo".
  2. how about we shake hands and move on? I always have to be right but why don''t we meet for a pre game pint on Sunday?
  3. Maybe you should RESPECT other people''s opinions before doing your patronising, preachy garbage for the umpteenth time LDC. Seriously are you trying to attract abuse or what?!
  4. Grant Holt, Simeon Jackson, Aaron Wilbraham and Steve Morison had never scored a Premier League but I seem to remember we got on alight. File this in the ''pointless thread'' file
  5. Maybe this thread should be renamed ''another boring and irrelevant post about Grant Holt''.
  6. Why the hell didn''t we sign Lionel Messi? Yet another pointless post
  7. To be fair the majority of people who post on this forum are mentally ill
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