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  1. What is Neil going to do differently tomorrow night to get a positive result? Long balls to the strikers turning the high pressing Bristol? Wingers crossing balls to two strikers in the box? Suggestions welcome on what Neil might do, but please don''t mention the former poster called M because the thread will be deleted again. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.
  2. It''s very kind of you to highlight my obvious talent to those more discombobulated on the forum.
  3. So Can Jam had a Freudian slip regarding Alex Neil being tied up in training. No wonder they don''t have any energy come matchday. I''d be happy enough being tied up at Woodfordes brewery, as long as Tim in the Fur & Feather supplied regular meals and footy was on TV.
  4. Really, was it prematch or post match he said it, I''ve not noticed it before
  5. I don''t recall him saying before about shouting at players etc, thought those comments were quite telling.
  6. and blamed me players again. I note his comments about shouting at the players wasn''t working so he''s now trying to be honest with them. I bet they are really up for the Bristol game now then.
  7. I would''ve got rid of Neil December 2015, we probably wouldn''t have been relegated and I haven''t seen anything to change my mind since. But, Rowett is not the answer.
  8. He''s 21 and been here ten years already. Would''ve been good to have seen him come off the bench for ten or fifteen minutes occasionally building up his confidence etc.
  9. Howson has been doing that job but it''s not his best position. It''s probably testament to how good he is that he has been proficient at that role recently. Yes it is problematic when both full backs bomb forward at once. The OP makes reference to Parma''s analysis of Neil''s system and if I recall one of the other issues was that the system relied on the centre half''s moving forward and picking out passes to the attacking midfielders / striker, not just playing to the dm. This whole total football type system relies on pace and energy without the ball, something we are often lacking. As a side point, the goal on Sunday had 4 defenders in a line, several City midfielders very close to the player crossing the ball, and 2 players close to the scorer. It seemed that the personnel were sufficient to defend the play but everyone froze at once. Not sure if that''s concentration or coaching issues? I suspect that if you had a hard nut commander barking out instructions it would be less likely to happen. Whether that''s a new captain or a manager or both? You couldn''t imagine Pulis putting up with it.
  10. [quote user="Flash Gordon"]you need to grow upthis is a very serious matterno time for infantile pranks[/quote] Snigger Snigger
  11. How many defenders has Neil signed with the, what is it now £50,000,000 he has spent over the transfer windows since he''s been manager? The list goes like this: Dijks (direct cheaper replacement for Olsson) Er Hmm Now list the midfielders and kids he has signed, if you have time. Neil is responsible for poor results because he is responsible for the decisions which lead to the poor results. Those decisions include signings, team selection, tactics, substitions, player development etc.
  12. ANOTHER poor season of missed targets, (albeit mathematically possible for us to get promoted still) after last season of missed targets. The continual repeating of the same errors whilst hoping for success demonstrates a resistance to learning and change. The club will not progress until the management / coaching team are changed. Being honest, even being acutely honest is commendable, but not the most important attribute of the manager at our football club. There are 27000 ''honest'' people in the stands along with countless others watching / listening, just being honest ain''t the answer. What''s required is a proficient football manager. The board liked Neil and seemed content for him to learn on the job, my concern is that he''s not learning, and we now are staring at another season of failing to reach the squads potential.
  13. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, reading Neil''s latest words on Pinkun front page, extensively about Sheff Weds possibly losing the next two games and we could win. Hopefully we will beat them, but I wonder where he will move the goalposts to if we don''t get three points?
  14. "I''ve seen them play better and win" Yep, it may well have been a Freudian slip, but I have too. Much better and win.
  15. There''s a YouTube video of do it yourself brain surgery. You will need Stanley knife blade, some tape and a big stapler. A set of hair clippers and lots of bandages for afterwards. We just need a donor brain? Any suggestions? We need someone who is available this morning.
  16. So our goal was automatic promotion, after all we have one of the best teams in the land. A short while ago our erstwhile leader admitted to his doting public that we have a fantastic opportunity to win the playoffs, much more fun for the fans, exciting trip to wembley and a tin cup for the cupboard. In recent times we are treated to a running commentary on the fixtures and results of just the two teams above us, hoping we might squeak into 5th or 6th place. I imagine that in a week or two the goalposts will be placed firmly in front of 6th place before shortly after ''we can really get behind the team of kids as we build our own up ready for automatic promotion next season'' Promotion Promotion Promotion
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