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  1. Yes. Robbed at Fulham, should have at least drawn against Liverpool and got an away point at Chelsea. I think the turn around has been dramatic.
  2. Everyone is such an expert on tactics! All I know is I’m enjoying watching Norwich play again. lowlyfendweller wrote The fact he thinks Russell Martin is a premiership level CB concerns me. He wouldn’t be my first either, but those first teams that Lambert put out who honestly agreed with his first selections? I think the first thing Adams has done is identify which players have the character for the fight. There has been something poisonous within the squad, maybe Adams has identified this and now we’re seeing a team who may go down, but at least we’ll go down fighting. We deserved a draw against a team who are 5 points clear, if that’s not improvement, I’m not sure what is?
  3. I''d go with that LDC, except Yobo for Bennett and Snodgrass for Pilks.
  4. Who else knows the squad like he does? At least he''s not starting completely from scratch with five games to go and may know which players are up for the fight. Yes, winning the youth cup with the squad he had was a big achievement, and having one of our own who''s got his team playing well (OK youth) might give the crowd the lift we''re severely lacking. I''d rather him for five games than someone who doesn''t know the players from Adam.
  5. Who else knows the club and players like Adams? It was the only logical decision with so few games left.
  6. Have you seen how he gets more out of players with less ability? He won the youth cup, with a squad that is nowhere near the top youth teams. Maybe he deserves a little bit of credit and not too be written off before a ball is kicked.
  7. We need to get a reaction. This maybe too little too late but thankfully the board have seen what 99% of fans realised a long time ago. Actually looking forward to watching Norwich City again.
  8. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="Indy"] [quote user="lake district canary"]I honestly thought this was a transfer rumour about Aaron Lennon - which would be fantastic of course. Surely the manager issue is done and dusted, at least until the end for this season? [/quote] One swallow does not make a summer! nor does one stumbling win against a poor Hull display. I''m not taking anything away from the player, they certainly played better than recently and the effort was there to see, but how can you say Hughton is definately here until the summer when only the board knows? We can all have our say but the issue s certainly not done and dusted, we wait to see what the board do next. I''m sure it depends who is available, who the board would target and if they would want to take the City job.......we wait to see what the board decide to do! I for one don''t think Lennon is the right replacement, nor Malkay, nor some of the others touted on here. Our best success has come from our own, Stringer, Brown Walker and I would like to think with Robins, Adams and others in the back room our future manager if not the next but one for the future might just come from them. Do I want Hughton out before the next game, yes if we had the right replacememnt, not if it meant an interim manager who if just firefighting! [/quote] Mark Robins is currently manager at Huddesfield and never really shown much in his career so far to suggest he could do a job in the Premier League and Neil Adams has never coached at senior level let alone managed. Youth football and senior football are worlds apart - at youth level you are trying to develop individual players, where as at senior level it is obviously all about the team. Adams shouldn''t be let anywhere near the Norwich manager job until he has been someone else and proven he can manage above youth level. I agree about Lennon and Malkay but would take either over Robins or Adams. [/quote] Tim Sherwood?
  9. Ding dong merrily on high Hooper can’t stop scoring Ding dong merrily on high He keeps the fans applauding Tralalalalatralalala He keeps the fans singing Tralalalalatralalala Christmas joy he is bringing To the tune of “Lick my love pump” by Spinal Tap
  10. Ha! Sorry about that. Very happy with the points, just not the style of play. What would you rate that performance out of 10? for me, first half 6/7 second a 4.
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