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  1. Jules

    Canaries Player HD

    My bad. I was just entering details incorrectly. Have now accessed Canaries Player HD!
  2. Jules

    Canaries Player HD

    I''ve subscribed to Canaries Player for years on a rolling Direct Debit. I visited the club site today to see that there is now Canaries Player HD. My log in details for Canaries Player don''t seem to work either. Does anyone know what''s going on? Are existing subscribers required to re-register and set up new Direct Debits? I don''t remember seeing any communication from the club as to the change.
  3. Just saw this article posted at the Daily Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/norwich-city/11628627/Norwich-City-promoted-five-things-they-need-to-do-to-survive-in-Premier-League.html

    In summary:

    #1 Do not make the mistake of believing this squad is good enough to compete in the Premier League.

    #2 Do not be tempted to sell Nathan Redmond

    #3 A new centre-forward needs to be signed

    #4 Keep hold of manager Alex Neil

    #5 Don’t let Delia Smith on the pitch for a half-time motivational speech

    Any thoughts?
  4. Feeling euphoric! Fantastic performance from the lads. Boro never had a sniff. Perfect game plan from Alex Neil - the man who changed our season.
  5. Cheers.

    Well I''m in and it seems to be letting me purchase tickets via my customer number.

    Can you only buy tickets for yourself? My old dad wants to come and as I''ve previously bought tickets for him he (not internet savvy) doesn''t have a customer number so I can''t add him to friends and family. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks. Will have to take my chances on Weds. Do you think there will be many tickets left?
  7. So it''s only season ticket holders and members who can buy right now? I can only ever get to a handful of games each season because of work commitments so I''m neither but I have a customer number. When do you think I might be able to buy tickets?
  8. Jules


    Gutted that we couldn''t hold out for the win. Gallant effort from the lads. Grabban should be made to walk home.
  9. Jules


    Can''t stand the tension. Sweaty palms as I type.
  10. Jules


    I can honestly see Bolton getting a result against Bournemouth and Boro drawing at Fulham while we give Rotherham a right good tonking. It''s going to go down to the last game.
  11. Jules


    So it''s not all over. 2 points behind with 2 games to go. Supposing we win both ours and there''s a slip up, or two, by the teams above us, we could still sneak in to the autos. Most likely to be play offs but we still need to finish well.
  12. Jules


    Scored. Well done Weds.
  13. Jules


    Wow. Pen to Weds
  14. Jules


    Weds just missed a sitter. Should have been 2-2