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  1. The other side of the coin is that the players who come in will want to prove a point. Could end up being a tougher game than if we played their first choice 11 who have it in the back of their minds that the title is sewn up.
  2. Mine didn''t turn up today. The ticket office told me to wait until Friday then call back so they can arrange for one to be reprinted and held at the Man U ticket office for me to pick up. The lady was very helpful but i''m just hoping it all goes as smoothly! Would hate to head over and not get in.
  3. That sounds like a bloody nightmare Sheff! I''ll check the post when I get in tonight and if it isn''t there I''ll ring the ticket office tomorrow morning.
  4. I''ll be heading over on the train into Manchester Piccadilly then getting the service to Old Trafford. Will also be heading to a couple of pubs before but yet to establish which ones. Are you travelling from Yorkshire too?
  5. Cheers. Looks like i''ll be on the phone to the ticket office later then!
  6. The online breakdown of the ticket order says ''print'' which in the past has also meant dispatched. I''ve not got it yet though so was just wondering if anyone else has?
  7. A point would be great but they''re on such a march I think they''ll sweep us aside. Maybe 2 or 3-0 but i''d celebrate a 0-0 like never before.
  8. Just a big bunch of sour grapes. He was clearly irritated by the time played after the added time, all of about 20seconds!
  9. The guy is absolutely raring to go, a bundle of energy and will be a handful for any team. I''d start him.
  10. Simply stunning. Really didn''t see that one coming. Well done lads. Moyes looked utterly shell shocked!
  11. Whittaker is a better payer now but he got absolutely done at Goodison and it led to Everton''s goal. Not really sure who i''d rather go with but i''m edging towards Martin.
  12. Yeah I''m chuffed for him. Was at West Brom (think it was) when he scored a header and thought he''d turn out to be a hit. Obviously didn''t pan out like that but good luck to the guy.
  13. I''m usually quite optimistic but i''ve got a feeling Everton will just be too strong for us. 0-2 unfortunately.
  14. Was incognito at the 5-1. Would''ve loved to have been at Bayern.
  15. Brilliant news. Been tremendous for us, may it continue.
  16. I''m starting to get towards being concerned. The lack of goals is where the concern is rooted really.
  17. It''s certainly a blow that Holt is missing but I actually quite like that team. Sticking with my 3-1 prediction but i''ll probably be nowhere near.
  18. Let us hope Berbatov is still crocked.
  19. If Berbatov, Sidwell and Hangeland are still injured then i''d say we''ve got a decent chance of winning. Knowing our luck they''ll be back though.
  20. I think we might see a terrific performance from Luciano. 3-1.
  21. I was thinking while writing no results are easy to predict this season and you might we right about Wigan. It could definitely be an opportunity for us to sneak away if things fall right though.
  22. If we do secure 3 points against Fulham, I think we''ll take a giant stride towards safety. When you look at fixtures relevant to us, there could be many points dropped by sides in and around us. Chelsea v Wigan Stoke v Reading Swansea v QPR Southampton v Man City Aston Villa v West Ham I still don''t consider it a ''must win'' but doing so would be monumental.
  23. I would hate to have to be in a position to get something from the Villa game. With the usual stuff surrounding it I can just imagine it being a horrible day. Obviously if we needed to beat them and did it would fantastic but i''d be watching it from behind the sofa! 3 points against Fulham would be awesome. It''s not must win for me but would take a huge load off.
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