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  1. Norwich City hoping for warm-weather boost in Abu Dhabi - story here: http://gulfnews.com/sport/uae/football/norwich-city-hoping-for-warm-weather-boost-in-abu-dhabi-1.1673597
  2. Bamford, Redmond and Jarvis please. If we lose so be it but at least have a go against the worst team in the league
  3. Playing as bad as on tuesday but against a much worse team. We don''t look like scoring and defending is poorly organised - all very worrying signs even if we do somehow get a result because we''re not going to beat any other teams.
  4. Gutted! I fell asleep and was having a really exciting dream but then woke up to this boring crap again! Yawn
  5. Bloody hell this is exciting. Great save from Darlow and now Antonio has just missed a sitter. Should be 2-2!
  6. We need to hammer M''boro 4-0 to take a little pressure off. I fully believe Bournemouth & Watford will both win their remaining games as they''re playing crap teams and beating everyone even when they''re not playing well. 1-2! C''mon Forrest!
  7. Fri Jul 25 - SC Bastia (Stade d''Honneur, Sallanches) Fri Jul 25 Mon Jul 28 - OGC Nice (7.45pm) Fri Aug 1 - Celta Vigo (7.45pm)
  8. Our 1st real pre-season test tomorrow. Their squad looks fairly average and I don''t know many of their players with the exception of Cisse and Boudebouz. However they finished 10th in Ligue 1 last season so can''t be that bad. They struggled to score goals and none of their players made it to double figures. Their top 2 scorers have both left the club over the summer. Player to watch: Ryad Boudebouz - skillful no.10 with 4 goals and 6 assists last season Djibril Cisse is also familiar to us but he''s 32 and not getting any better. Their last match was against a lower end Ligue 2 side and finished 0-0. My prediction: City 3-1 Bastia
  9. Not overly bothered by the cancellation but it''s piss poor communication. Why can''t the club let the fans know that games have been cancelled rather than us having to find out from foreign websites. It seems very weird that 3 Italian clubs have now pulled out of fixtures with us and our club won''t tell us why? I''m sure the reasons aren''t particularly exciting, but this is still bizarre.
  10. On Livorno''s website it seems to mention something about a cancelled Norwich match on Wednesday and that they are not sure who they''ll be playing. Also strange that it still says TBC against the fixture on Pink Un. Maybe it''s just a dodgy translation but does anyone have any better info??? http://www.livornocalcio.it/notizie/notizie.php?id=9761 And why can''t the club say why yesterday''s fixture was changed? Something''s going a bit wrong somewhere!
  11. "It is understood that with add-ons the actual transfer fee was almost £11m and Cornelius''s salary over a five-year contract, plus a £1.25m signing-on fee, meant Cardiff committed themselves to a total outlay of more than £20m." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25944081 Absolutely ridiculous! I thought Malky was a good manager but this deal was madness. And I thought RVW was the worst deal last summer.
  12. Not sure about that. I think if "utd took their defenders off" we might get 1 goal - not for RVW though!
  13. We are playing that bad. The reason we''re not losing by more is that utd are playing nearly as bad - which I''m really surprised at cause I thought they were suddenly supposed to be amazing
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