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  1. That''s my boy...... quite literally, it was my son in touch with Vadis OO.... He managed to get to his 300 re-tweets in under an hour, and he is now in touch to get his signed shirt... good job and thanks to all on here who did their bit!! OTBC
  2. Are there any Toronto based Canaries who can advise me of any downtown Toronto bars that will likely be showing our first fixture of the season against Wolves. Having booked our summer holidays based on a ''premier'' start date (clearly we were far too optimistic), we were pleased to find our opening championship fixture was an away game. Given that this game is now being shown on Sky, we live in hope that some distant Toronto bar will be showing it...... We live in hope. Any local knowledge will be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. You are clearly all forgetting the highly talented Raymond DeWaard - the next Ryan Giggs!!
  4. Hi, I''m hoping someone out there has one spare adult ticket for the Arsenal away game in two weeks time... I know its a long shot given the fixture, but I''ve just managed to secure two other tickets and a third would allow my whole family to attend. I''m not a glory hunter, not a binner, just a long-term ST holder who has been unsuccessful in the ballot for these tickets in the last two seasons.... If such a person exists out there, please PM me. I''ll be at the game tomorrow so can meet up and pay. Thanks for reading!
  5. Are these still available, if so I''d love to have them from you.....
  6. Hi all, At tonight''s game my son managed to leave his beloved Kodak digial camera in the cubicle of the gent toilets in the lower Barclay stand (nearest the hotel corner). I''m hoping that someone on this forum may have found this item  (or knows someone else who did) and can help put a smile back on my 12-year-old''s face again.  If anyone can help, please respond to this post. I''ve been reading this forum for years and never registered. Maybe now I''ll start to contribute a little..... Thanks in advance  
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