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  1. If Hoggy posts which spoons and his table number, people can send him a beer, via the app.
  2. 'Capslock' is not available for this game, due to not showing the right attitude in training. Hopefully he will knuckle down, and be able to return to full fitness soon, and show everyone what he is capable off and return to former glories. We have an able, but temporary solution with 'Shiftkey' but that is only for short term, and isnt an suitable alternative for a longer periods. FN is not available for selection. however, if CNTL ALT and DEL get it together, it could be the restart we need.
  3. Whats with the ++++ OFFICIAL LAPPS MATCH THREAD Vs Wolves (PL) ++++ It should be ***** and nothing else. This on top of the crest changing - its all too much!
  4. Detailed match reports, and weather updates too, you are spoiling us Ricardo! Can you do the travel too, especially the cycle lanes!
  5. Just seen this on Twitter. I know Lil is a well loved and respected fellow ncfc fan.
  6. Sounds like a future role in politics would be ideal!
  7. If you're watching on a stream @ home isn't the bar free?
  8. Thanks - glad hes ok. As Diane asked - have you taken over from him on here?
  9. A friend of mine wants one, but wants to check size first, being a new supplier etc so the online option is less viable.
  10. Excellent, website says pre order only until 29th (I think it was). Appreciate the update.
  11. Excellent, glad to hear it. And totally agree.
  12. The away kit at norwich has been out of stock for most of the season.....
  13. Morning Corkio, we all make mistakes, at any time of day. Hope you're well?
  14. As I have said elsewhere, I'm not partaking in your self indulgent games. Let's stay on topic, and if you could stick to football facts that would be marvelous
  15. You are aware Earnshaw was signed after Ashton, as his replacement?
  16. Money does come into it. Did you read the article Cambridgeshire? "Whilst it is not normal practice for Premier League clubs to roll a kit over for two seasons, fans have told us that they would be in favour of the savings that a two-season shirt would provide. This season, our membership of The Premier League means that the income we receive from broadcast and commercial partnerships far outweighs the income we can generate from retail, therefore now is the perfect time for us to try something different without it having a material impact on our revenue"
  17. WBA signed him for £3m rising to £3.5m with add ons. We signed him for £2.75 again rising to £3.5m. No mention of record fees.
  18. I assume you mean Earnshaw, who came from WBA, and was a Welsh international when we signed him. Was interesting to see Tzolis used ahead of Idah against Southampton on Saturday.
  19. https://www.premierleague.com/referees/index Looks like they don't rate Simon Hooper either! Saturday will be his 4 EPL game this season.
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