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  1. WOW this makes a change a nice a negative!!!   Grant got his 3 years so he knows he has more secruity for his Family. I for one would want the same for my family in that situation!  cant blame him really for wanting that???    
  2. Im sure their is more than us few that are sick of the constant why arent we top of the league blah blah blah!  
  3. I know we are all going to be a bit disapointed and we are going to have a moan but there is never any constructive critisism. Just think if the team were to read half the Rubbish on here then the would want out!
  4. After being on here for a little while im begining to notice far to much negativity, come on you grumpy prats lets be a bit more positive our fantastic club is in the best league in the world. Seems to me like most people want us to be something we are not going to be over night!! lets not forget where we have come from in the past 3 years! lets be positvie   OTBC!!!
  5. I would agree that we need another winger, competition for players is always good keeps them on their toes and stops them getting complacent. Think we are lacking in the defensive areas tho and that this should be addressed pretty soon. we all know that a new player would need to settle so he can form a partnership!   [:)]
  6. Now that the management is in place obviously his next job will be to asses the financial situation,look at his transfer kitty and spend some doe! But who will he bring in? Another priority of his would be to grant and get him his contract but is his mind already made up?
  7. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]My reasons whitebeard are as noted above. Granted (excuse the pun) he''s not handled this very well (neither has McNally) but lets not forget this all came about because he wanted to stay here an extra year, he''s handed in a transfer request because he doesn''t feel he can stay here after the way he''s been treated, not because Marcus Evans has offered to double his wages for gods sake. I think what he''s done for us on and off the pitch these past 3 years affords him a bit of a cock up don''t you? If you think we can find a player who will score us 15 goals a season, create goals for others, be our captain, our talisman, the dressing room leader for £6m then you need your head looking at. No offence. I fucking love Grant Holt.[/quote] Without a doubt Grant Holt has been Fantastic the past 3 seasons. I am not saying that he hasn''t, im saying if £6.5m was offered i would take it. In our side Lambert has invested in a number of players that can be captains and have been captains at previous clubs. finding another goalscorer.. well pop that £6.5m in with the rest of the transfer kitty and Bobs your Uncle Fannys your Aunt!    
  8. Hughton now 1/8 favorite for the Norwich City Job!
  9. [quote user="Bryangunnshairline"][quote user="Mr Brownstone"]No.[/quote] brownstone I love your stance on holt. Similar to me.70 goals in 130 games, talisman , captain. Heart beat of our team. Money can''t buy. An argument got out of hand over one years salary . People throwing abuse at him . Holt clearly ill advised by his agent. Twitter bloody technology! My answer is obviously no! The guy deserves another year however being controversial I''m 100% in Mcnally we trust ...[/quote] I agree with you that the guy is a born goal scorer a favorite of the fans ( mine to ) but he wants out! I think you have to look at the bigger picture the guy isnt getting any younger and £6.5m is alot of money for a bloke who is old by footballing standards.
  10. If you dont have anything positive or constructive could kindley keep this to yourself Spartikins :)
  11. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]No.[/quote]   Your reasons being? You would rather keep someone who no longer wants to play for the club than cash in on him for £6.5m?  
  12. Would you be happy to let Grant Holt go for the £6.5 million that has been whispered about?   every dog has his day and he isnt getting any younger! Great return on £400,000 paid for him!  
  13. close links with united could always help in our favour..... a cheeky little loan maybe! ;)
  14. [quote user="Yellow Green Army"]Sorry, did somebody say Vaughan is better than Agbonlahor if he stays fit. You must be kidding me. I would take a swap between Holt and Agbonlahor anyday of the week. Agbonlahor is just as good out wide as he is down the middle and on his day when he is on form he is unplayable. Very much a confidence player who needs managing correctly. You may see a much improved player now that Lambert is there.[/quote]   Totally agree with this Yellow!! I think you will find that under Lambert you will see a different Agbonlahor!!
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