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  1. sorry people i know it in the wrong section and im going to get wrong of the forum police for it but just wanted to post and try raise awareness of the ice rink in norwich planet ice near asda. get yourselfs down there for a skate and you may possibly spot a signing shopping in asda so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. i only doing this because rumours are the rink could close and that would stop many people who do use it from using it.
  2. not enough by the looks of the online ticket booking system celtic could have more fans than us there and i know for a fact they asked for 10,000 tickets. so come on all you yellows fans lets get behind drury and make it a sell out even dani and henri are coming back to play along with a few others
  3. its not exactly in the city but the norfolk family golf centre near the showground is showing the game i can reccomend this big screens a bar and good grub
  4. they already taken em they did not fancy taking my geese on though
  5. at the villa game lets sing every single player and backroom staff name loud and proud and let them know how much we appreciate there efforts this year and yes that includes morison i not one of his greatest fans but he a city player and has scored vital goals
  6. lets just push on now and lets party at the villa game and sing every single players name and backroom staff loud and proud
  7. somebody with another rumour it great i heard it was bart simpson he wanted
  8. he cheats he dives he hates the jackson five luis suarez luis suarez
  9. with all the c**p in the papers about lambert to villa lets show him there no place like home today and sing his name all game long, also lets slip in a holt for england chant. lets get carrow road rocking like the saints fans are at st marys at the mo.
  10. chris im pretty sure that there are still tickets available if you ring club and order one they prob send up on a coach for you
  11. cheers for help charlie lets hope we can get three more points towards are european place
  12. hey all of to stoke saturday just wondering are there still roadworks on the a14 if so what way will the yellow army be taking to get there
  13. simple ? how many season ticket holders will be going to watch us get into the quarter finals(hopefuly) i hope the majority as dont fancy sitting in amongst the kids in lower barclay block e like last game against burnley
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