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  1. [quote user="lake district canary"]In the 21st century, everyone is crying out for attention.    Business''s, media, kids at school - everyone is trying to be heard.   It seems like everyone has to make more noise than the next person - just to be heard, or taken notice of.    It''s the syndrome of  ''he who shouts loudest''.        For business''s it''s dog eat dog so to a certain extent the ''noise'' is understandable - they are trying to get your attention.    This "noise" or "chatter" is everywhere.      So why is it there after we score a goal?    What is the point of it?     Are they afraid we won''t celebrate it?   Do they not have confidence in us that we are going to cheer the goal?    Is it to artificially prolong the celebration (by about 3 seconds)?    Do they think we will like the music?    By very definition,. if you play a piece of music - not everyone is going to like it - so why annoy a percentage of the crowd when we score?        You may like the music - fair enough.   But there is obviously a proportion of the paying public who don''t like it - and why should their enjoyment of a match be spoilt at the very time it should be at it''s height?    I just don''t get it.  I don''t understand the logic of it.  I don''t like it.   Why should I prefer celebrating a goal at away matches rather than at ''home''.  Home goals should and would be more enjoyable without the out of date idea of ''muzak'' to artificially attempt to generate more ''atomosphere''.         It don''t work. [:^)]       [/quote]LDC I fear we are at risk of you becoming obsessed with this campaign but I like to encourage you. You speak a lot of sense a lot of the time however the irony is that your argument also works for those who like the goal music too.Let''s face it, when we score we the fans are the quickest to react, we cheer and then a few seconds later the music comes on, the barclay end like to think that they drown out the music and set an example in how to cheer independently and they may be right, in the Barclay End but for some of us with old fogies around us, kiljoys and moaners we NEED that music to get them going. It crushes the opposition fans who are puny by comparison when, no, if they score and their celebrations are minute, tiny and feeble and they know it. They feel inadequate and their spirit is subdued and they wish that they could all sneak out.Have tolerance for your fellow man, the Jarrold and N&P nuclear family. Take strength from your knowledge that you are a true fan and that no music could possibly release any more endorphins than our team scoring already has. There''s a good fan, shhh, quiet, rest - your work is done, the race is won.
  2. [quote user="Smokebomb"][quote user="Ruddygore"]B ugger thats * Cheer not sheer. See, no music since May and I have lost the feeling in my typing fingers!! B ugger....[/quote] How many typing fingers have you got?  I`m restricted to 2 maybe three, I have many more after a few beers but they just seem to go where they choose. NFN should of course, if harnessed correctly, result in a County full of exceptional typists[:D] [/quote]Ah! A trick question where you probably hoped I would say 12!! Not so fast Smokebomb........!I seem to have three, sometimes four on my right hand but only two on my left hand. Oddly enough though the introduction of alcohol results in me believing that I can type faster but not....more accurately.I''m getting old now and some of that music is good for my joints, lets all try it. What music should we type to?
  3. B ugger thats * Cheer not sheer. See, no music since May and I have lost the feeling in my typing fingers!! B ugger....
  4. Us folks in the Jarrold know how to sheer a goal thank you however the music gets our joints moving again after a long period sat down. I am all in favour of this since with only the Barclay knowing how to create any "h''Atmosphere" Carrow Road would be like a trip to the Emirates and full of people who could not walk out at the end of the game. I''m amazed that some of the anti music lobby could be so thoughtless and selfish. Fuggers the lot of em.
  5. Bumping this - can anyone point me in the right direction to any info on where we are training in Austria? If it''s anywhere near my where my Dad lives I might make a trip out of it, maybe even if allowed do some filming.
  6. However, she looks a bit like a "The Lady Delia."
  7. Very unlucky to rename a boat Captain. I''d have thought an old salt like yourself would be shivering your timbers at the very thought.
  8. Really keen to know where in Austria the team are training - any news on location yet?
  9. Saw a ten minute interview and he came accross as very approachable and likeable. So long as he commands respect with the players and his tactical nous is there he''ll do for me.
  10. I saw a comment from another poster saying that they felt that Lambert was very "driven" but with no sentimentality which I thought was probably about right. Probably not a "nice bloke" but no reason to dislike him. Personally I like someone to be a bit more "human" and open but if you want "firm but fair" he''d also fit that bill.
  11. We are not just witnessing casual racism from uneducated ignorant thugs and bullies in Eastern Europe I''m afraid. To me it seems far too simplistic to expect a kick racism out programme which is backed by the local FA, Justice authorities, media, sports people and fans type of response to overcome what is in fact entwined with the rising growth of disaffected and impoverished allying their politics with facist political parties. Is a football tournament going to change that? Tin hat on.
  12. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]  I wonder if Aston Villa chief executive Paul Faulkner has yet informed Randy Lerner that he has purchased a car without wheels and, unfortunately,  the wheels, which are unique to the car, are still owned by Norwich City. You may call those Americans a lot of things but they don''t tolerate stupidity for long. May be bye bye for Mr. Faulkner. [/quote]Couldn''t agree more YC, PL isn''t the full package and this will be a big hinderance to him "hitting the ground running", perhaps Mr Faulkner completely forgot to give the "tyres a kick" and in doing so did not realise that they were missing!
  13. I reckon most of us are on the same page with this Broadstairs.
  14. I think it''s hard being a fan of a club that isn''t competing at the top of whichever league they are in but people are right, we need to be cautious in our hopes and really celebrate avoiding relegation this next season coming when that happens. Of course we could always be surprised but the Prem WILL be tough this year, tougher than last if we are realistic but the rewards will start to come once the club develop the stadium. Debt free and increased seating and improved budgets in the future comes at the price of toughing it out now.
  15. Can''t see anything wrong with bringing in the odd yearling.
  16. Your spelling has improved Grant but your grammar is getting worse!
  17. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Ruddygore"] A Mr Nutty Nigel will be along shortly to discuss his patented Forum Moderator 2012 game for you to purchase.[/quote]   I tried an advance copy of that, Ruddygore. Fed the phrases "fiduciary duty", "debt repayment deadline" and "depreciation of tangible fixed assets" into the programme and smoke started coming out of my computer...[:P] [/quote]I asked what Watling walleted and the screen just went black PC.
  18. gravycanaries - well I suppose we could just dryclean our scarves and replica kit and wait for the new season to start but this damned internet came along and now we can be pointless together.
  19. Has Hughton been announced yet? This is a forum and we can talk about almost anything we like to do with the club past present and future thanks. A Mr Nutty Nigel will be along shortly to discuss his patented Forum Moderator 2012 game for you to purchase.
  20. It''s beginning to sound as if Lambert isn''t the full package on his own isn''t it? At the end of the day if the players are under contract to us we have the whip hand and he is just another grubby little lower league manager who gets poached so he can bring his mercenaries with him. Doesn''t seem so very classy of a big club.
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