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  1. Should have bought CMS, rather than JV; no long term injuries and keeps banging in goals - another tonight
  2. Maybe we''re putting in bids for both Morison and CMS to remind Barry Fry that although we really want CMS, we can go elsehwere (Morison) if Fry "gazumps" us at the last minute as he did in March.
  3. Would be a great signing; better than some prima dona, overpaid, and underworked so called "big name" that seems so commonplace in the premiership.
  4. Looked very poor last time I saw him play. We can do better than him.
  5. [quote user="NauruDude"]''ve got a feeling this isn''t over. Lets wait ntil the fat lady sings to celebake.[/quote] She should be warming up by now.
  6. Hope its true. Saw CMS play recently and he scored a great opportunistic header, plus plenty of pace and skill. Bit of a girls haircut though!
  7. I live away so don''t get to see City play that often now. So I have not seen Wilbraham play. However, someone posted worse than Mike Sheron; he was awful, so Wilbraham must be poor.
  8. Save our money to get Craig Mackail-Smith. Saw him play recently; pace, movement and finishing all top class.
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