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  1. Anybody got one for sale. It''s the only one I''m missing. Iv tried Amazon/eBay but none on there.
  2. Yes. The pub that usually has the games on is called the office.
  3. Yes I think them flights end late August unfortunately. You can fly to London City but they are usually expensive so we fly to gatwick with easy jet. Sometimes we fly to London Southend but the times aren''t great for some games.
  4. Hello Dan from Jersey canaries here. Depends how in advance you book it. We usually fly to London which is usually 80-120 pounds. Then a train to Norwich is 60. Hotel is 50-100. We usually get to 6 games a season. I''m usually in the pub as there is a pub that can get the Norwich games on. We have a Facebook page and Twitter if you want to come out for a beer.
  5. Teamtalk.com had an article saying they are waiting on the results of Wes Brown''s knee injury. They are useless though.
  6. Teamtalk.com said they are waiting for the results from Wes Brown''s knee injury before letting Turner go. I know that site aren''t the best for news but they had an article on it.
  7. No mate I saw it on the season review DVD and made me laugh.
  8. Hey jacko. Thanx for the mention that was a great night out. It looks like there are 2 of us from jersey on here as I do not have a season ticket for sale. I may have met this other jersey fan at a music festival last year called jersey live but I''m not sure.
  9. If there is any norwich fans in jersey or your on holiday in jersey we will be meeting in Champions bar at 1pm. Hope to see you there. That is all
  10. [quote user="Lord Horn"][quote user="jersey_canary"]Lord horn. Thank you for your story its nice to know that there are people connected to norwich even here in the islands. The likelyhood of fans being on herm.........slim but it would be amazing. Did you go to herm??[/quote]Yes, been to Guernsey, Jersey, Herm and Sark - love the CIs but not been there since 2000. Thought about flying from Norwich this year to show my daughter the place but prices of flights from Norwich International (sic) are horrendous as you no doubt know!!! Maybe do the fery from Weymouth next year.[/quote] Yeh we usually fly from london and then have to get a 2 hour train to norwich which is around £150 per trip (is worth it mind you) Its funny when you can see france from your beaches but its still cheaper for people in the uk to get to france by boat.... Still if your about give us a shout we can show the locals how us canaries do it cos its full of ''''the big 5'''' supporters over here.
  11. Hello buckethead. Thanx for your story it was really interesting. I wasn''t lucky enough to remember the 80s in jersey as I was born 1985 (when norwich won the milk cup). The south of the island is so reclaimed now you probably would get lost. Its full of coffee shops and banks. The north really hasn''t changed at all.I went to a party a few weeks ago and had to explain who super mario was (as I was dressed as him) The beach racing isn''t as often as it was then/ mid 90s as I remember its more about boats and stuff now. Most of the pubs you spoke of are still about but most pubs over here are trendy wine bars where the beers are around £4. I know how expencive it is to get here so I don''t blame you for not returning. We have to spare at least £100 everytimes us norwich fans come over for a game. If you ever do come over do come say hello and I can be your tour guide!! Dan
  12. Hey guys Sorry for another post I just wanted to make sure that you saw that we now have a facebook group called Channel Islands Canaries. It doesn''t matter what island your on it would still be great to chat or meet up. Many thanx Dan
  13. Lord horn. Thank you for your story its nice to know that there are people connected to norwich even here in the islands. The likelyhood of fans being on herm.........slim but it would be amazing. Did you go to herm??
  14. Saturdays aren''t the same hiding up stairs to check the scores on saturdays at work...... How is everyone else getting on?? Anyone found anything that is a worthy summer replacement than my idea of drinking and watching the season review dvd from last season (iv watched it 4 times)
  15. It''s called channel islands canaries feel free to join be good to see how far we can take it and see what your plans are next season.
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