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  1. Nice read that. I could only imagine the type of replies such post would recieve on here if it was about our next opponents home ground though
  2. Do you think we would be able to tempt someone like wes Morgan to guide us back up at the first attempt? Yes he's 36 but been there done that, just the sort to stiffen up the back 4, will be on a tidy wage but may fancy a challenge after slipping out of favour
  3. Have to agree, just when it seemed like everything Webber touched turned to gold, this season has made previous signings seem somewhat lucky
  4. Maybe some much needed perspective https://www.football365.com/news/opinion-chelsea-1-0-norwich-city-premier-league-relegation-daniel-farke
  5. Any idea what time club coaches leave? The boy is desperate to go to this but can't have him missing school
  6. With Norwich being linked to several overseas players of late and already maxing out our quota do you think any of our current back up brigade would tempt any of the championship clubs in making a loan attempt?, interesting that steiperman, leitner and vrancic all failed to make the the match day squad for the last match. Would any teams pushing for promotion view these players as much needed step up in quality on what they already have? Or is it a case of cancelling amadou's loan to make space with him also not making the last squad, but with Godfrey's ban I guess he will be back on the bench.
  7. Crazy it's only 90mins if your that desperate to get home then don't go!
  8. Maybe archant should do our own where goals scored only by Finnish players count and then see what the league looks like.
  9. Below is a quite rediculous article how the table would look if goals by English only players counted and how we would of finished bottom. I guess as its a pointless article it makes this a pointless post but a few of you may like to read it https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.ukhttps://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/this-is-how-the-final-championship-table-would-have-looked-if-only-english-goals-had-been-counted-1-9827711/sport/football/this-is-how-the-final-championship-table-would-have-looked-if-only-english-goals-had-been-counted-1-9827711
  10. did anyone see holt, johnson and bennett doing keepy ups, the player that dropped the ball received a flick on each ear from the other two !, best entertainment all night
  11. Nobody expected to be in the position we find ourselves in. After flirting with second spot many people now feel a sense of disappointment if we ONLY! get playoffs. but in reality we should all be thrilled to bits with the acheivement of the team. lets make the last game of the season at home to coventry a real party to show appreciation for the lads. Fancy dress optional!
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