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  1. All of the posters on here who have done nothing but pi**ing moan, whine, cry, berate and slag off the players all season long.... Please delete yourself from here and stay away from Carrow Road. This club does NOT need your pessimism, or stupid chants or your negativity around. If you "supported" the players on that pitch half as much as you''ve slated them, Carrow Road would be a much better place to be... So if any of you have a ticket for Sunday, please for the love of all that''s holy, sell them to someone else... Thank you!
  2. Blackburn may be down the league, but they''re starting to play some decent stuff, and with the likes of Samba on the pitch, they''re a danger of a slip up.I say "if it aint broke, dont try to fix it!"The lads were immense against Littlepool.OTBC
  3. I have both home and away shirts  this season I pre-ordered home shirt with the £45 n-power voucher i was given by my dad, then i saw away shirt and liked it more so i bought it.I quite like the goalkeeper shirt too so asked missus to get me it for xmas! :)My oldest shirt i own is the goalkeeper shirt which Gunn wore in 93, when we played in europe.
  4. a bit off topic, but Adam Drury also scored his first goal for Norwich on his 51st appearance for City, also was against Stoke at The Brittannia Stadium in 2004/05 season....Lets just hope it doesn''t end the same way as last time though...OTBC
  5. In honour of his heroics against Didier Drogba, i thought of a very simple song to sing...To the tune of "London Bridge Is Falling Down"....John Ruddy will knock you out,knock you out, knock you out,John Ruddy will knock you out,don''t mess with Ruddy!Feel free to alter any words if you wish.Tin hat on...
  6. to be fair to Mourinho, when we last played them, 4-0 at stamford Bridge in 04/05 season, he was very gracious towards us in his interview saying that we didnt deserve to lose 4-0 and we played well and he hoped we stay up.avb is just an obnoxious t**t!!!
  7. I can understand why they have decided to make this change, being a season ticket holder myself I am a little disappointed that they have changed it, but I will be more than happy to pay £3 to get in because reserve games are a great chance for me and my cousin to take our young children to go watch some decent football where its not going to be completely packed like sardines like it will be for first team matches.
  8. my friends brother works at the place they are sending them from, he said they are still sending them out and it could take until middle of next week, a lot of them are being sent to Carrow Road because of the whole U21 thing, so I would ring or go in and ask about it if I were you just incase. Hope this helps.
  9. I dont care what anyone else thinks so bring on the abuse.....Ruddy deserves a chance, he has been unjustly slated left right and centre since the end of the season and if he does read this site, he must be distraught wondering what he has to do to earn some peace and quiet.Declan Rudd is one of the best goalkeepers for his age in this country,  if he is called upon i have every confidence in his ability.We do not need Fraser Forster or any other keeper.I will fight tooth and nail for these guys.If Ruddy does have a bad season this season then i personally blame everybody who has put him down.
  10. If the pub or venue is actually signed up to Sky Italia (sky italia box, sky italia card etc) then there isn''t a problem. Rileys and Weatherspoons are currently working out deals to install sky italia in a load of their venues. Its only if you haven''t paid for Sky Italia and are receiving it that it''s illegal. That was the whole gist of the Portsmouth ruling. We''re in Europe, so why can''t we buy European products - such as sky italia.For the record, Rileys did have SKY Italia installed, but have now had it uninstalled due to the threat of legal action from SKY.The rumour is that SKY have changed all the rights for anyone to show 3pm kick offs, because they have first showing rights of all Premier League games, unless they are on ESPN.
  11. DannyGIf i were you i wouldnt be shouting too loud chap, if you have "accquired" a sattelite transmission and it isnt SKY itself, you are advertising illegally!SKY Italia is illegal in this country, and most other transmissions you receive from a foreign sattelite is illegal too, only way you can advertise is within your licenced premises or by word of mouth.BEFORE YOU GET ALL WORKED UP AND HATE ME......Im NOT trying to threaten you or anything like that, Im just giving you a heads up, there are people being employed to go round venues and check upon it, and the fines are huge.
  12. Well according to SSN, Lambert has been in charge of 99 games, so 1st game of the season will be his 100 up!
  13. He''s got a star potential and I like his attitude too! Those are the guys you need when your extending a squad like ours, they fit into the mould. Never mind the guys whingeing about more quality...he''s got quality...! Now let''s get some defenders and a GK... Whats the big deal with a lot of people wanting a new goalkeeper???Like a lot of people, I did have my doubts over Ruddy, but he has proved himself time and time again last season! (Swansea at home a starting point i believe??....)Statistically he was the 2nd best performing goalkeeper in the league last season behind Paddy Kenny, and 13th overall in the league for all players.Now why dont you lot GET OFF HIS BLOODY BACK AND SUPPORT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tin hat is on...
  14. Goals conceded from 80 minutes onwards - again timings are from the BBC: LEAGUE: Norwich 2-3 Watford (Graham 81) Doncaster 3-1 Norwich (Coppinger 86) Norwich 0-2 Hull (Koren 83, Cairney 88) Millwall 1-1 Norwich (Marquis 90+4) Norwich 0-2 Portsmouth (Halford pen 90+6) Burnley 2-1 Norwich (Rodriguez 81) Norwich 1-1 Doncaster (Drury og 83) Leicester 2-3 Norwich (Gallagher 90+4) Swansea 3-0 Norwich (Priskin 90+4) CUP: Blackburn 3-1 Norwich (Diouf 80, 84) So that''s 4 in injury time and 8 in the 80-90 bracket. Just a small note....The Hull home game, Im sure it was Bullard with the second with a superb free kick?And Portsmouth home game, was David Nugent with the penalty? ( I remember we had a big arguement with him that day! )Apologies in advance if Im wrong...
  15. he likes the older ladies so a song about him fancying Delia ;)how bout (to the tune of c''mon lets be avin u)Delia,Rooney fancies you!!!!...My tin hat is on :D
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